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Did your interest in resin BJDs lead to an interest in other dolls as well?

Apr 15, 2011

    1. I collected other types of dolls when I was little, like Madame Alexanders and Ginnys, but at some point they all ended up being put away (as I "outgrew" them). But now that I've gotten into BJDs, I'm starting to look at other dolls again, with a whole new perspective ^_^ In fact, I just bought an Ashton Drake Delilah Noir off of Ebay (which is ball jointed, but made of vinyl), because I thought she would be good for one of my characters (and not as expensive as a resin doll I had been considering for her, to be honest)...

      You see, when I was little, my collectible dolls actually never had personalities or names. They were just pretty things sitting on the shelf (even though I had plenty of imaginary friends and played with my stuffed animals as if they were alive!). I did have an American Girl and a couple of other vinyl dolls which I played with, but even then, they had no where near the developed "personalities" which I've given to the dolls I have now. They weren't "characters." Hence the new "perspective" being involved in the BJD community has given me!

      So I'm wondering, how many of you have become interested in other "off topic" dolls as a result of your interest in BJDs?

      Also, how many of you got into BJDs as a result of an existing doll hobby?

      Have you purchased other types of dolls to be "friends" for your (resin) BJD, or perhaps even as an accessory (dolls for your doll)?
    2. I've always collected dolls and still have my childhood dolls. I accidentally found resin dolls on ebay when searching for something else and bought one on a whim. One of my resin little girls has a couple of the miniature AG dolls. They are the perfect scale for her.
    3. Actually, for me it is the other way around. Once I discovered BJDs, the other dolls that I collected just weren't interesting anymore. I used to be fond of Gene and Tonner fashion dolls, but ever since I got my first BJD, I've been in the process of selling almost all of them off. The only ones I'm keeping are repaints and a few others that were gifts and I'd like to hold on to for sentimental reasons.

      Another thing that I noticed is that with fashion dolls, I wasn't satisfied with just having a few - I kept acquiring them because having a few didn't seem like enough. With BJDs, on the other hand, I am extremely satisfied with what I have, which is way less in numbers than all my fashion dolls. One of the reasons for this is that with fashion dolls, hair and eye color was fixed (unless you repaint the face or re-root hair), and as such, the only way to get different hair/eye combinations was to buy a whole new doll.

      Perhaps in the future, there will be a doll that catches my eye, but for now, BJDs is all I'm interested in.
    4. I actually tend to be frightened of dolls that aren't BJDs! I think it's because BJDs have so much character and such a powerful physical presense that porcelain dolls and Barbies now look very fake and plastic to me. I do still like Barbies, but mostly for nostalgic, sentimental reasons. Blythes and Pullips have no attraction to me at all.
      I do have an artist's mannequin, if that counts as a doll, and when I was waiting for my first BJD to come in I sewed him clothes and things to practise. But he always annoyed me because he can scarcely pose and I need all my dolls to be good posers :D
      That said, I do have a soft-spot for the Monster High dolls. Something about them just tickles me!
    5. For me it was the other way around, too: it all began with pinky:st dolls. It was only after collecting a bunch of them (and they fill a whole shelf nowadays) that I began getting an interest on other Asian dolls like obitsus and BJDs.
    6. I wasn't into dolls at all prior to abjds, and never played with them a whole lot as a child either. I now also find myself liking Pullip, Blythe, the 1:6 Obitsus as well as other dolls I come across from time to time. However, the abjds take priority when it comes to $$$ so I don't have a whole lot of other dolls (right now 2 Pullips, 1 Blythe, and a 23cm Obitsu girl). I am still pretty picky about what dolls I find aesthetically pleasing, and I prefer dolls that are made to be handled -- I'm just not a look don't touch type person. However, I enjoy seeing other kinds of dolls at doll shows, even if I don't want them personally. I just find dolls really interesting.
    7. Not really. I wasn't much of a doll person before this hobby because they weren't the right sizes or they never appealed to me with their physique. I don't mind other dolls but ABJDs are probably the only dolls I truly like and want to collect.
    8. No...unfortunately, dolls scare me. Even some BJD ones. xD
    9. backwards from what you're saying... I got into Jun Planning pullip line before I Got into BJDs. Most of my interest in them left as I got more comfortable dropping the money that BJDs cost, as they paid for most of my BJDs.
      I held onto one Dal, who stayed a character in a family of resin, but she works for me because she's supposed to be a little kid.
      In the past 2 months or so I've gotten more interested in pullips again and purchased 2 more. XD

      I've looked at other dolls like Tonners and Madame Alexanders, but for the most part I fine sticking with BJDs and pullips.
      My grandma doesn't understand my hobby and likes to buy me Madame Alexander dolls every time she sees me ^^; so I have a few of those (the little ones from Tuesday morning xD she's not droppin all kinds of money LOL I'd tell her to stop if she was)

      I think if anything it's actually closed my interest. I look at other dolls and say "oh pretty" but I tell myself that they aren't my bjds. They do not have the qualities that make me love BJDs so I won't like the doll as much. Which is entirely true! It's the whole reason I don't have a Tonner doll right now. I "shopped" for one for several days and never actually bought one when it came down to it.
    10. I went from Barbies to Bratz to American fashion dolls to anime fashion dolls to Japanese fashion dolls to resin ABJDs. After resin ABJDs I have started to get very into other dolls as a direct result of them, such as Dollfie Dreams (I'm counting them like this because 1. I wasn't into them before I got into resin Super Dollfies and 2. because some people don't consider them to be relative to resin BJDs), Mama Chapp dolls and Kinoko Juice dolls. While I really like all four of those types of dolls, I think resin ABJDs will be the only ones I will actually own. Though these days I spend more time cooing over Mama Chapp and Kinoko Juice dolls than ABJDs lol.
    11. *points to 50 gallon trunk full of JUST Barbie bodies in storage* I was a spoiled child.
      I kept my Barbies out til I was 17 and it was another two years before I put away the horses I had for them. (those may be making a comeback for my tinies....). I have three American Girl Dolls. I always thought porcelain dolls were pretty, but they weren't amazing enough for me to buy more than a couple. They were pretty, but they didn't do anything but sit. They were deemed "dust collectors" and were given away.
      Then I found ABJDs.... I'm hooked, cuz they do faaar more than become "dust collectors."
    12. I have always had dolls around me. Before BJDs I was collecting other kinds of dolls like Volks Dollfies (the 1/6th scale off topic ones), Genes, Barbies, Pinky Street figures, all kinds of action figures and anime character figurines. I sold almost all of them to buy my first BJD. I still really like other types of dolls but they don't grab me the same way that BJDs do. I do find myself looking at more doll types than I used to, I feel more interested in dolls in general because of BJDs but time, money and space are limited so I need to stay focused!
    13. No, I wouldn't say so. I did dabble in 1:6 Dollfies as a tentative move towards BJDs, but eventually got rid of them. The only other kind of dolls I'm tempted by are Dolfie Dreams, which aren't significantly different from BJDs anyways! These days I prefer my collecting habits, fandoms, and geekdoms to be highly focussed and specific. There's MORE than enough to do just with my BJDs to keep me going for years without branching out from here.
    14. When I was young I had tons of Barbies and a few porcelain dolls. The barbies were given to my sister and eventually sold, and my mom still has my old porcelain dolls. When I got back into collecting, I collected figures first, then a few fashion dolls, and now I'm starting into the BJD world. although I don't see them as necessarily collectable like some other doll lines, where you have to get the whole set. I enjoy that aspect of collecting, and I'm sure I'll still buy other dolls and toys besides BJDs.
    15. I've always loved dolls really, although I took a long break from about grade 5 to high school from any type of real ownership. Once I graduated I started collecting myscene barbies and other dolls. I also collected pinky street and pullips before I finally gave into buying a BJD (which I had fallen in love with back in the first year or so of Jr.High). I look at more doll types now but I'm not sure I'll collect anything other than BJDs. I love them on a whole nother level from the other dolls I've collected and I'm not sure anything else is comparable for me.
    16. I have had dolls about me like you, the small Madame Alexanders, Barbies, etc. I actually got into BJD's after seeing and touchign a friends dolls, and they appealed to me. I now have two MSD sized girls, and a slew of Tinies- a couple of Felix Brownies, a Realpuki on layaway, and a Leekeworld doll project tiny on layaway as well, I also have a Dollfactory Bobo.

      My doll collecting has always been eclectic- I was into Silkstone Barbie and Fashion Royalty and still am..I have three Genes, and a Tonner, but don't really collect alot of those due to space. Add to this I was a dollhouse miniaturist before getting heavy ito dolls, and space
      is limited- I have sold some of the dollhouses in my collection and need to jettison more as I need room. I also have two American Girl dolls and A My Twinn as well.
      My collecting is more targeted now towards how that doll will fit the characters or residents that livein my imaginary doll world- Pumpkin Hill. I am now thinking of getting an SD sized doll, but am waiting for the tinies to get out of the way before having another doll I will need to sew for.

      i would say that collecting BJD's has extended somewhat my collection.
    17. I had some Barbies as a kid, but I was never really big on the whole baby doll thing. To be honest, Pukis and Yo-SDs and such creep me out. I don't really see myself getting into other kinds of dolls because my interest in BJDs didn't really grow out of dolls, it grew out of action figures and Reaper miniatures. I don't see the attraction to most other kinds of dolls at all.
    18. Interest? Not really. Appreciation? Yes. I rarely looked at dolls before entering the ABJD hobby. Now I find beauty in all types, even if I don't want to collect them.
    19. No, I don't really like any other kinds of dolls. I never have. I didn't like dolls as a child. I liked dinosaurs and monster trucks. I don't like other types of dolls now either, even BJD related dolls, like pullips or anything. I really don't. There's just something special about BJDs for me. I think they're beautiful and I really don't find other types of dolls to be my taste. I'm really picky when it comes to what BJDs I like too... so I guess it is what it is..
    20. I only collect one other line: Monster High. I love them so much, and they are what got me back into bjds. They're smaller, cheaper, plastic, but wow! People are customizing them, too with face-ups (though you have to paint on the eyes) and outfits and re-rooting hair... it made me miss BJDs, so I got back into it. However, I probably wouldn't have started collecting them if not for my love of BJDs first!