Difference between Ante - littlefee, pukifee, pukipuki, multihead

Dec 5, 2017

    1. I'm really confused because I don't know much about Fairyland dolls. I found a Ante head for sale in a local Facebook group but the owner bought it many years ago and she doesn't know the size. She only knows that Lati yellow wig is too big but the head is bigger than a pukipuki. If the Lati yellow wig is too big, this Ante is not a Littlefee. But if her pukipuki is smaller, the Ante is not a pukipuki either. I've searched a lot and I can't find this head size. Is this head that special multihead?? I've never even heard of these before. I'm waiting for her to send me the pics of this head together with her other BJDs. Could you help me figure this out please?
    2. https://dollfairyland.com/infodesk/banner.php?number=60
      Here is the link to the measurements for all the various dolls they make. If you can measure the Ante head, then you will know which one it is. It lists the sizes for Littlefee, Pukifee, PukiPki and Realpuki towards the bottom. I hope this helps!
    3. Can you show us the picture of the sale?
      I think you have your sizes mixed up.
      Puki puki is the smallest.-- and if the latiyellow wig is too LARGE on the head, it is probably a pukipuki
      Pukifee is the next size up and is around the same size as lati yellow
      LittleFee is a yoSD size, and is a bit larger than a pukifee....
    4. It certainly sounds like the multihead. Not sure if it helps, but here is all of the faces minus minifee ante.
      [​IMG]A comparison of Fairyland Ante by Tineke, on Flickr

      Left to right and top to bottom is Pukipuki, Multihead, Pukifee and Littlefee Elf.
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    5. Thank you so much for the link! I searched at each dolls pages, I didn't know they had all the sizes together in one page!
    6. I got the picture! I think its multihead! What is multi head? Fairyland doesn't sell them anymore right? And what kind of body fits this head? Thank you so much for helping me!! :)

      [​IMG]This pic is not mine by Jordana Chaves, on Flickr
    7. Oh!! Thank you so much for the pic!! I think it's Multihead!! :)
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    8. Yep, definitely the multihead! :P
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    9. Thank you very much!!