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Difference between bobobie old body and new body?

Sep 16, 2008

    1. Hello,

      Can anybody tell me what's the difference between the bobobie old body and new body?
      And which is better?

    2. Hi Droomz, I don't have Bei, the new Bobobie body yet, so can't say for sure which I like better. According to the measurements given on the Bobobie site, the new body is slimmer. You can see the measurements here: http://www.bobobie.com. Hope that helps.:)
    3. Found that pic on bobobie site, a comparison between Bei and Isabella :)

    4. wow fab ..she is going to be a little easier to fing clothes for Im thinking !
    5. I do love my March, but I think Bei needs to come live with me too.:D