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Difference between Delf El types

Jan 3, 2012

    1. Forgive me if this has been posted somewhere, but I couldn't find anything.

      Maybe someone know, is there a difference between El type 1 and type 2 except the neckhole? Don't remember where, but I've heard they have some difference in sculpt. Is it so? Maybe someone has comparison pictures?
    2. The head itself has been sized down a little bit all over from the initial heads. Aside from that, they often is some minor variation depending on the age of tbe mold, the casting process, etc. The only definite diff I heard about was that the elf versions had more slender cheeks and chin than the usual run.

      You'll find more variation with SS-modded heads and sanded-cheek heads.
    3. so it is just the case of the casting process? And no really noticeable sculpt changes as other eye shape or so?
      I have this picture (I am sorry, but I can't remember the owner of this beautiful dolls :( Can't find where I saw this pic)
      It said it is El type 1 and El type 3 (as I remembered), no mods. But I see different eyes, shape of the chin, shorter nose on the right El and etc.


      yep, I thought there is diff between regular El and elf edition, so I do not count them :) I am interesting in regular Els diff types.

      I guess I know why ^^
    4. Bump!

      I've found some really old threads about the difference, but it's hard to find any pictures :(