Difference between Delf Elf El & Art Warrior Elf El????

Aug 28, 2004

    1. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between CP Delf Elf El and Art Delf Warrior Elf El?
      I'm trying to decide between the 2 of them and haven't seen the Warrior one. Are they the same price? Does Warrior come with similiar wig and sleeping vampire head as Elf El? Is Warrior a dressed doll or is his outfit optional? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks, Am
    2. I have been wondering the same thing actually. What on earth is an 'Art Delf' anyway?
    3. I believe the Art Delfs are the even-more-so-limited ones that they make the special outfits for, like Sweetie Lingerie Lishe and the Balloon Dress Dark Elf soo.
    4. the Art Delf Elf El came with an outfit as well... and is extremely limited and cost like 1200 bucks.... his outfit was sortof reminescent of LotR costumes like Legolas, Aragorn and Boromir, without being a direct copy, just inspired... there were pics of him at the old yahoogroup...
      I don't know if he comes with the weapon set of if you have to order it separatelt as an unpainted kit like everyone else...

      - Therese
    5. Ahhh... thanks for the info! And I thought that guy was just a display version of the Elf El. Cool outfit... wouldn't pay that much for it though! lol. ^_^
    6. Well, I for one would love that El as I think he is stunning!

      I am a huge LOR fan and love that the BJD's can look Elfish and take on that look.

      I am curious if to know how many people who have Elf Soo, and Elf El dress them up like LOR characters! And does anyone sew these clothes for their dolls, or know of someone who can make these outfits.

      If you have an El, what other BJD's does he hang with?

    7. I plan to make LotR inspired outfits for the Elves... I named my two Elf El's Elladan and Elrohir. ^_^

      I think Art Delf Elf El was limited to like, 3. But he hasn't been for sale yet.
    8. Thanks for all the info. I did ask Liria if I could purchase this outfit with my Elf El order (or any of the dressed elves outfits) and she said that they were not for sale. I was hoping to get one CP-made outfit for my Elf El and can't seem to find them. I would be very interested in LOR inspired outfits for my boy.
      Thanks again,
    9. I love these guys! they look so good in the raven hair,. Can't wait to see more pics of their faces. And of course when you finish those cool outfits.

    10. I love Warrior El's outfit, but I really couldn't buy him any time soon. :( I'm thinking about buying the weapons set, though, and commissioning a LOTR inspired outfit for my Isao. I don't know if I'll be able to resist Elf Lishe, when I see her, though... :D
    11. I bought the weapon set before I bought my Dark Elf Soo. They did a great job on the sculpting for it, but it is HUGE. It was a lot bigger than I was expecting. :|

      I just got my Mr. Super Clear today (squee!) so I'm gonna base it with that and then start painting. Yes, the weapon set it resin. hehe

      I'll post pics when I'm done. /dance

      GL with your weapon set. I highly recommend it. :grin:
    12. This link was posted in another thread just the other day: http://www.celmansion.com/Dolls/commissions.htm

      I've also seen some pictures (but I can't remember where) of SD costumes derived from Arwen, Eowyn, Legolas and Aragorn on another site, it may have been a Japanese site.. I really don't remember, but I will have a look for it...

      - Therese