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Difference between Dollshe Hound V1 and V2 bodies?

Jul 7, 2006

    1. Can anyone tell me the difference between the V1 and V2 bodies? Or better yet, direct me to some comparison photos? I searched the threads but haven't managed to find anything.
    2. After seeing the pics in the above link, what version in Tensiya using for their Bernard?
    3. I believe they are only using V2 bodies now.
    4. I'm curious, too. I would think it would be the V2 bodies. At least I hope so.
    5. so are they using V2 bodies for the Hounds now? or is this only for Bernards and Saints?
    6. Version 1 was only used for the Haute Hounds, and the first few normal Hounds bought at Tensiya.
      Now all the boys use the Version 2 body except [of course] SA/Do Bermann who has his own limited Bermann body.

    7. thanks for all the info, everyone!