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Difference between Elfdoll Rainy Soah and Sooah

Feb 28, 2006

    1. Hello!!

      Can anyone please help tell the difference between a Soah and a Sooah in detail? Also are they available in different skin tones other than normal and white?

      Soah and Sooah are www.elfdoll.com dolls by Rainman.

      NOTE: Finally got my boyfriend interested in girl dolls!! That's why you gotta help me!!
    2. Sooah has more of a frown on her face while Soah has an ever so slight smile. Sooah has the fold on her eyelid unlike Soah. I'm not really certian of all of the differences but she's basicly a Soah with some Ryung qualities. I thought elfdolls just came in normal except for Nabee who is white skinned.
    3. The eyelid crease is the only major difference. I'm not sure that Sooah is really frowning so much as she has a slightly more squared off bottom lip and a fuller upper lip when compared to Soah. The noses and face shapes look the same, I'd assume they have the same profiles as well.

      Congrats on making a conversion to the Order of ABJD.
      Don't forget to teach your boyfriend the secret handshake.
    4. It's not really a frown but mine definatly doesn't look like she's smiling. She almost looks disapointed or bored. Or maybe she's just mad at me because I haven't made her a pair of pants yet.
    5. You can read Rainman's take on the subject at the official Elfdoll site. Sooah is meant to look more mature than Soah. These dolls take on such different looks with hair and eye changes (plus custom face ups) that each one can have different personalities from their sisters in the same line.

      There haven't been any white Sooahs yet. But that could happen. Also with the new skin tone for Wu, don't rule out the possibility that Elfdoll could also mold one of the girls using that resin in the future, perhaps for a summer tanned release.
    6. ok important question...THE FEET

      there are 2 types of feet i believe? one for wearing high heels and flat? are both optional (where you can choose)? or is there only one? if only one then what type? pictures T__T?

      SKIN: elfdoll only lists 1 type of skin, but the pictures they have seem to show different skin tones? are they both available?
    7. The high heeled feet were on the christmas special edition. It is not on the standard doll. The breasts on Soah are smaller and she has a two part upper body and Sooah standard has the choice between larger breast (3 part) and smaller breast (2 part) you get to decide on Sooah.
    8. You can get highheeled feet with a certain type of outfit. Its called "Foxy Lady." And you can choose the small or large breast for all three of the standard girls. I don't think you can choose different skin tones. The white skinned Soah and Nabee is a limited release.
    9. Here is a pic of Soah and Sooah...they are very alike, but so different too. My Soah has the large bust and Sooah has the smaller, and I have to say I like the smaller better.

    10. I think the christmas special, Soah (In the santa outfit) was white skinned.

      Sooah with the heels was the special edition in the red dress.
    11. 1. The high heeled feet with the molded on painted shoes were on the special Sooah only. Elfdoll has just also included them with the Foxy Lady outfit as well. They have not been sold as an individual item yet. Most owners do not like these feet. The doll does not pose or stand very well in them. It is also more difficult to change these feet than to change hands or even the head. It really requires two people to do it. Most people I know who had these feet have changed them for the flat ones. Note also if you look at closeups of these that the heeled foot goes right into the lower leg without a ball joint whereas the flat foot uses a ball piece between it and the leg.

      The flat foot is standard with all the dolls. There are some really nice high heeled shoes that fit these now. Almost everybody likes these better than the molded foot.

      There is also a third foot that came with Nabee that allowed for wearing sandals. This had open toes that allowed a strap to fit between them. We have a tutorial on our group site that provides easy instructions on how to convert the normal flat foot into allowing this as well.

      Skin tones. There have only been two special dolls that have had the whitish tone. This is not an option when ordering the standard girl dolls. Wu comes in a new suntan or darker skin tone and we believe Elfdoll may release a girl later in the year using this resin but whether she will be a special or a standard or even Ryung/Soah/Sooah remains open to speculation.
    12. I am in love with my Sooah. She doesn't look like she is frowning to me. She seems to be smirking. When I was trying to decide of which of the two dolls I wanted, I looked at their faces. Soah to me looks more like a traditional asian girl. Sooah still looks asian, but more of a prettier and modern asian girl. So it just depends on your taste. I still might try to buy a Soah too, since I am in love with this girl.

      (This is coming from a woman who has owned nothing but Volks dolls. So for me to be gushing about another company is a pretty big deal!) =)
    13. Gee, we all feel it's Ryung who is the smirker of the family. If you look really closely at her, the corner of one side of her mouth is actually sculpted higher that the other. Soah and Sooah don't have that. Even Rainman has accepted Ryung as the hot, sexy and sort of troublesome one of the three.
    14. Daydreamer, Thanks for the picture of your Soah and Sooah, its such a great comparison and they both look so good!
      But is there any particular reason you like the smaller bust, including technical or aesthetical reasons?
      My boyfriend has expressed interest in the larger bust.

    15. I'll give you a technical side. The large bust torso is in three pieces so these dolls are a little more flexible and can be posed for glancing over their shoulder backwards more realistically than the small bust which has only a two piece body.

      Funny thing is although there are exceptions, most people ordered Ryung with the large bust and Soah with the small. Now with Sooah, it seems the large busted dolls have taken the lead. We have an open poll on our group since November and before Sooah came out, the numbers were almost dead even. Now the large bust has surged ahead. I think the real answer on the bust is what age do you view your doll? People who think of these girls as 20 or older like the larger bust. People who look at them as late teens tend to go for the smaller. And now that many people have more than one girl, they tend to buy both to have one of each.
    16. Helene...I took these pics quickly, but hopefully they'll show better why I like the small bust better. Their heads are small, and with delicate features...about 8" and my personal opinion is that the large bust body is a little overwhelming for the head size. The small bust is not actually that small either. The large bust body, at least the one I have tends to really thrust her boobs out...like a real in your face, lol.

      Here are front clothed shots: You can see how the large bust juts out more...


      Nude view of large bust body:


      Nude view of small bust body:


      Bottom line though...it's just preference :)

      I think the small bust is more comparable to the Lishe size and they can share tops better.

      I hope this helps your boyfriend...can't wait to see his girl, they are lovely :aheartbea
    17. The large bust isn't really that much larger...they are just "fuller". And I am not a person who thinks dolls with big bewbies are amusing. I generally prefer smaller, but I just don't mind Ryung's. The small bust looks kind of, well, droopy to me, even though I know it isn't.

      I've also found it helps to make sure the doll is tilted forward a little at her waist/hip joint, that makes the thrust-out much less of a problem. And I pull the top piece forward often -- and she is loosening up and will hold that pose much better than she did at first.
    18. I agree...I can her to sit and put her back so it doesn't arch so much, but I can't get her to stand in that position. To get mine to stand, it seems like her chust has to thrust out like that. I did get my Soah last August though...and I know there have been changes in the body.

    19. I ordered the large bust because it came in three sizes, but I was concerned about the thrusting-out problem. I wondered if you could sand it down or something, but it looks like neck is sculpted too far back. I hope that tilting her pose a bit will help the situation... :P
    20. I think there was one person who made a little groove in the top of middle section for the top part to sit in. And I believe sueding would help, but I'm not quite ready to try that! I have the stuff though, so pretty soon I'll go for it.