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Difference between Hypermaniac Choyangbi and Hahanbi heads?

Feb 12, 2005

    1. Hi. I know there are plenty of Hypermaniac fans out there! I need to ask a question. ... Do these two have the same face mold or am I just going crazy? If they do, then what is the difference between them? Also, any other information on them is much appreciated. I've already done a search for "Choyangbi" on this forum and saw a couple of lovely dolls that were pictured in the gallery. They have such charming, pouty little girl faces.

      Here's the information I've gotten on them: They are each 52 cm tall and take an 8.5 inch wig size and 18-20 mm eyes. Also, I heard somewhere that Hypermaniac's default package for their creations consist of the doll, a doll carrier, default wig and default eyes. (But please tell me: does this mean that they come with the wig and eyes in the publicity photo, or does it mean they come with randomly-selected eyes and wig? What do they mean by "default"?) They come unpainted, or the artist can paint the faces for an extra $20.

      The Choyangbi and Hahanbi dolls are meant to portray 7-year-olds, so they have rather sexless, skinny child bodies. Thanks for any further information. Oh, also, I've done searches on the internet for this face, and I have never seen a photo of her face in profile (side-view). If anyone out there has these dolls, could you please post a picture of her pretty face from the side? Thanks.
    2. I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!! :cry:

      Right after I posted this, I went to the Ethereal Angels forum and saw that they just posted that Hahanbi is sold out, and there is only one Choyangbi left! That post wasn't there five minutes ago! She was apparently posting it at the EXACT SAME TIME I was over here on Den of Angels writing this post! :crushed
    3. :grin: Hypermaniac dolls are only released once a year so this year there will be newones coming out. I have Ksy and she arrived before Christmas 2004, so if you want the other one that is left.......hurry and order. They come with default eyes and wig pictured on the site, the face-up is worth the extra money too. Check out Etheral Angels and the members pictures of their dolls, Grace has Choyangbi and she is beautiful, she also did the makeup for her doll. They are worth the money.
    4. I did send an e-mail with my order. I'm hoping 20 other people didn't do the same thing, but of course they did! Yes, I love Hypermaniac dolls. I think they all have such expressive, wonderful faces. I'm looking forward to seeing which new ones come out this year. :grin:

      EDIT: I missed out on getting the last Choyangbi by ONE ORDER. She's completely sold out, now. I was the "2nd Alternate", meaning I would only be able to buy her if the first person didn't pay. Of course they did. Darn it! :| :| :|
    5. Someone please help me!! *_* is Hahanbi still available? as i do find on the hyper site, that although the buy it now button is there , it doesn't always mean that the dolls are still available.