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Difference between Unoa version 1.0 and 1.5

Jun 11, 2006

    1. Could anyone show me some photos of the differences between the Unoa versions 1.5 and 1.0? I'm thinking of adopting one when I raise the money, and I've seen pictures of the version 1.0, but I am nervous that the 1.5 may not be what I want. Also, does anyone know if Alchemic lab will still be selling the version 1.0 in the preorder, or if they will only be selling the version 1.5?

      If there is already a thread on this, I apologize.

    2. you might try and look here: http://www.rakurakutei.com/theloft/unoa_faq.htm

      Towards the bottom, there are some pictures from UNOA FREAK. Unoa Freak came out in 2005 which was basically a magazine detailing the Unoa dolls in detail. It looks like there are pictures that compare the Unoa 1.0 boys to the 1.5 boys.
    3. Yeah, I did look through that FAQ, but I was still kinda confused. So are the 1.5's the 26cm "light" ones at the bottom them and the B-el & Li-B ones the 1.0's?
    4. No, the 26 cm Unoa Lights were a complete different project. Though it does look like they have the 1.5 version body.

      To answer your questions : No, the 1.0 versions will NOT be sold any longer, unless someone is selling theirs on Ebay, Yahoo Japan, etc. From now on, it'll only be the 1.5 version of Sist and Lusis that will be sold through Alchemic Lab/Cresent Shop.

      Now what's the difference? Honestly, it's not that big. Araki has basically improved the elbow joints, inserted an extra bit in the back (so she can move her torso better) and improved the neck a bit, so she can move her head more easily. That's it really.
      Here are pics of the new body : http://su-su.sub.jp/araki/ver15body.html

      I hope that helps you out a bit :)
    5. OMG... U-noa poses sooo welllllllllllllllll... it makes me want to REALLY get one...
    6. Thank you so much! You've been very helpful! ^^

    7. That's why I think I'm dying for one. XD I love the way they pose.
    8. Yeah, the way they pose is pretty amazing....I still think I prefer other kinds though. Ones without....uh....posable 'bits'......
    9. http://awonori.net/index.html

      go to the website, press unoa -> ユノアのボディ比較
      There will be the comparing photo for 1.0,1.5&2.
    10. Changes that were made in the 1.5 Unoas was as some people mentioned above- they now have a three-part torso (though very different from the double jointed waist like Dollshe and SD16), double elbow joints, and what impressed me most with the 1.5 versions is the way they had the shoulder and neck joints. There's a series of grooves inside the shoulder holes and a small bump on the actual shoulder pieces- these grooves and bumps allow the shoulders to 'lock' into quite an amazing varity of positions! Head movemenet is about the same, but the grooves/bumps let the head stay where you put it much more easily. The legs as far as I can tell, are exactly the same as the older versions.
    11. I was lucky enough to have 2 Unoas on my work bench
      1. and 1.5

      I did post pictures somewere but cant find them now
      please dont scroll down iif you dont want to see Nudity
      although it is just comapareing 2 body types

      there is little difference at the front
      ...only slight difference in resin

      the heals are different and you can see the knees and elbow joints more from the back

      forgot I had these
    12. I much prefer the 1.5. The jointing improved, so the posing improved. My 1.0 did not need sanding for shine, the 1.5 did. Well worth it. I could not accept the dark grease like residue that formed in the wrist and ankle joints of my 1.0 due to the aluminum hook and rod. The more you move the joint, the more residue forms. If the 1.5 had the aluminum, I would not have kept her.