Difference between Volks SD body and SD13 Body?

Nov 16, 2004

    1. Besides the waist joint are there any other differences between these two bodies?
    2. The boy body is quite a bit smaller and slimmer then the SD13 body. His measurements are very close to that of a regular SD girl....so if you've ever noticed how much smaller an SD girl is next to a SD13 boy, well that's how much smaller the SD boy body is as well. The old skin boy body used to have posing issues, but it has been improved with the new pure skin boy body.
    3. I'm having trouble finding the answers to all my questions *_* Sorry for posting an annoying questions thread, but I know you all can help! :grin: I'm sort of a total Volks n00b still, even though they're the first dolls I got into >.< ... and I keep getting so confused. :barf

      What exactly is the size difference between an SD and SD13? Is the SD13 basically a "long leg" version of SD10; meaning there's not a whole lot of difference? Also, can an SD13 head fit on an SD10 body without looking wierd?

      Are Volks pureskin SD10 dolls taller than their older counterparts? I saw a few pictures where that seemed to be the case...

      It seems like most Korean companies make SD13 sized dolls, but are there any who have slightly shorter, maybe even a couple of centimeters shorter than SD10, without being SDC or MSD? *_*

      Sorry again, I feel like a n00b! :cry:
    4. Hi AngelMecha!

      Let's see, if you go to www.denofangels.com and click on the FAQ, Aimee's got lots of good info as to the differences in SD vs SD13. There is also a [thread=137992]measurements thread[/thread] on this board .

      SD13 seems to be a little more grown-up than SD, in that the girls are suppose to have larger busts and whatnot. As for the longer legs, it's only with specific boys and if you order that through FCS. That is, SD13 boys like Isao Nanjou. More SD13 boys have the regular legs. I can tell you that CP Luts Woosoo's legs are about the same length as Isao's. If you check the FAQs, there is more detailed info there about sizes, plus fun body comparison photos between different companies dolls (I still can't get over how different and taller Bermann is)
    5. So basically the only difference is the extra torso joint? Is that right?
    6. Well, SD13 are sculpted to look older than SD. As their name suggests, SD13 are meant to look like teenagers, whereas SD look younger, closer to nine or ten. Some SD have the jointed torso (like Liz or the FCS jointed torso options) like SD13. If you want a younger-looking doll, go with an SD. If you want an older-looking doll, you'd probably want to go with an SD13 instead.

      Karin's comparison photos show the differences in body sculpt and style.
    7. Not quite. With the girls, there is also bigger SD13 bust size and a very little extra arm length / leg length (longer on SD13), and SD13 girls have different "more refined" hands, though SD & SD13 girl hands and feet can be interchanged. SD13 and SD girls have same width necks, too.

      SD boys and girls boys use same hands and feet.

      SD13 boys are clearly taller than SD boys and have bigger feet and hands (and necks).
    8. I know... :D ::stares at Abacus:: You have a cute body. x3
      Abacus: :evil:

      I have a SD10. It's possibility... is... special. x3 In that genre, SD13 is best. But I like the nonjointed look of SD10, so I wanted at least one of my boys to have it. The rest will probably have SD13 though.

      His hands are bloated and unelegant. That's sad to me. I'm going to tackle that problem pretty soon.

      If you want pictures of the SD10 body, I'd be happy to take them.
      Abacus: Not happening.
      You know you like it.
      Abacus: :evil: No!
      ::shoves him under a pillow::

      He'd be happy to whore his body. (^_^)
    9. I have been seeing clothes that fit '9 doll' and have no idea what size doll that is and can't seem to find any information on this. Can anyone clue me in? *_*

      Thanks! :daisy
    10. SD9 = SD10 = standard SD

      I think "SD9" and "SD10" are typically used interchangeably - don't think Volks ever put a specific age on their standard line - but there are some differences between old SD bodies and the newer pureskin ones.
    11. Since I have an SD13 I had better not get an outfit sized for a SD9 afterall. Too bad I really liked it. :(
    12. Actually, SD13 and SD9/10 are pretty similar in size.
      Outfits should be interchangable unless they are really fitted :wink:
      Good luck!

    13. Just watch out for the waists on SD10... I've gotten jeans and pants made for SD10 before, and they were huge on my SD13 girl's waist. =~_~=;
    14. Didn't some people say that Anais came with a smaller body then the SD10....so SD9?
    15. Is it just Anais in particular or all new pureskin SD girls? I would assume that they didn't make a body specifically for her and instead "shrunk" the standard SD girl size in general. It seems like something they would do to make the jump from SD to SD13 more realistic. But yes, the smaller size is why some people call her "SD9", although the blanket term for both "SD9" and "SD10" is just "SD", as opposed to SD13, MSD, SDC, Yo-SD, ect.

      It'd be interesting to see if there are indeed any differences between the Anais body and, say, the pureskin Mimi body.
    16. The fit is very similar, except with some longsleeve tops and fitted pants, they can wind up a bit short on an SD13 if the garment is sized for SD10. It's not terribly noticeable, but it does look a little odd if the doll's arms are hanging straight down, and the pants are paired with ankle-height shoes. Looks like she had a growth spurt and couldn't buy a new wardrobe. XD
    17. The pureskin standard body is shorter than the old standard body mostly due to the absence of the old ankle ball, I think. I think it's ironic that my stately Lady Silvie is shorter than my standard Nono. *_*
    18. hi.. sorry if this was aked before, but never found the thread...
      i'd like to know whats the difference between SD, SD10 and SD13?
      (you'd know i'm a newbie for SDs^^)
      i was browsing for some outfit, and i think the labels are confusing me.
      one shop have 2 diff categories for SDs outfit:
      for SD/SD13 only, for SD13 only
      and another shop is:
      for SD13/SD10 only, for SD13 only.
      i somehow maybe got the idea that SD13 and typical SDs can share wardrobes, so does SD13 and SD10, but not SD10 and typical SD??
      *sputter* help.
    19. SDs and SD10 are the same things ^.^ some people call them SDs or SD10. SD13 girl bodies are more mature, bigger breasts, smaller waist, and bigger hips. while SDs are more childlike small breast and not much of a figure. some outfits may fit both, like for a SD13 the outfit might be more fitting but on a SD it might be loser. also SD13s are 1 1/2 inch taller. and with shoes they both have the same feet but you can get optional feet of them which is 'high heeled' and can only be fit into a 'high heeled' shoe. i think SD13s come with the 'high heeled' feet.
      for the boys, i think they are taller and broader (i only have a SD boy and not a SD13 boy) i'm not sure about the feet for the boys.
      (dont worry! we all start out as newbies)
    20. SD13 girls no longer come with high-heeled feet; I think that was an oldskin feature, and the new pureskin bodied girls come with flat feet.

      I think one can only order high-heeled feet through FCS (Full Choice System doll purchase), not buy them in stores, but I don't know for sure. The high-heeled feet are not for sale on the Volks websites, although tabi feet (for thong sandals) are.

      SD girls have the same height torsos as SD13 girls, but their legs and arms are shorter. The necks are the same, so SD and SD13 girl heads are interchangeable. The feet are the same, and SD boy feet are the same as well - SD13 boy feet are larger, however.

      Except for certain limited SD models, SD (boy or girl) waists are not jointed like the SD13s. (Can one get a jointed body or "swarrico" (cute sitting) legs through FCS? This I don't know either.)

      SD girl waists are actually a bit wider (yes!) than SD13 girl waists, and their breasts are smaller (less curvy, more childlike torso.) A tight skirt closure on an SD13 girl may be too tight to fit on an SD girl.