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Difference in head size

Jul 6, 2010

    1. I searched but didn't find anything. Don't hit me please if I missed something. óò

      So my migidoll ryu head arrived and as I put it next to my napidoll chesi to check how they look together...my face turned ->:horror: The ryu head looks ridiculous next to the ginormous chesi head. And they're supposed to be a couple. T^T It really bothers me... Maybe it won't look that terrible when I put a wig on ryu but his face is still too small compared to that of chesi. :...(

      Does anyone have an idea how to cover up their head size differences at least in pics?
      Did anyone have the same problem? How did you deal with it?
    2. I met up with a friend who has a dollzone Clovera, and compared to her, Lili's head seemed so extremely tiny..
      I wouldn't know how to cover up that difference though.. If you were really skilled in photoshop you might be able to make her head look a bit smaller or his a bit bigger.. I don't know..
      I didn't have to deal with the difference, Lili is mine, Victoria is hers.
    3. Yes! I have the same problem with my Volks Nana. Normally, I tend to like dolls with smaller heads, but her head is HUGE, especially in comparison to the others.

      I don't really mind, because she has nothing to do with my SD boy right now and I don't really see myself posing them together...eventually I will probably get another doll that looks more in proportion with her, since I like collecting all different spectrums of realism in dolls.

      But, I really feel for you, since this issue has caused me not to bond with certain dolls before. I recommend waiting until you have your Ryu on his body and with a wig, etc.

      Perhaps if he's taller than her, or muscular, the proportions may balance out a bit?
    4. Some difference doesn't bother me -- my Chiwoo has a melon head, and so does my SD Sara, while my Souldoll Paris and B&G Sandra's heads are smaller, but it doesn't bother me that much. However, I did opt to not buy a Lati Red boy for one of my characters as their heads are sooo small, that it would've been too much even for me (luckily I got to see one in person next to other dolls before I decided to shell out the money on one). Wigs can help, but they won't change the actual size of the face and placement of features. It's possible that you might be able to accentuate or de-emphasise certain features with new faceups, but I've never tried to cover up a head size difference that way, so I'm not sure how it would work.
    5. I have a Dollzone Kay and a Littlefee Piki who are supposed to be brothers...the DZ head is MUCH larger than the Littlefee one. My two larger dolls, who are their parents, have a rather large head size difference as well. I've never thought about how do disguise it, since it isn't something that really bothers me, but I'm thinking that certain wig styles might help make up for the size difference. For example, if the smaller-headed doll had a more voluminous wig while the larger-headed one had flatter, sleeker hair.
    6. Aw, I hope you can find wigs/photography tricks that help. Good luck.
      I find Zaolls look odd with everything. They're closer to SD height with a MSD head.
      I have a Zaoll with a DZ 65cm boy and the head size difference calls for some inventive photo angles if I want to have them in the same shot together.
    7. I really feel for you as that would bother me so much. I suppose you'll just have to photograph them separately or put the other on in front the the camera while the other lingers in the background or something to balance it out.
    8. I'm a little obsessed with proportions but simultaneously crave variety. This has been an issue for me on multiple occasions. Most of the time it doesn't bother me - I like heads to be different sizes/shapes but if one doesn't go with the other(s) I don't try to force it. I research measurements like mad before I buy, but that still doesn't guarantee two dolls will go together.

      To answer the OP's questions:

      1. On the smaller head, you could try using a larger/poofy wig. Pay attention to your angles - perhaps positioning the larger doll behind the smaller one would help some.

      2. Yes, I have been in your shoes before. The girl I bought was beautiful but she didn't fit in with my crew: her head was itty bitty, overall she was much slimmer and her face was more realistic than any of them. On an individual level I loved her, but when I put her next to the dolls she was supposed to "mesh with" my heart sank. I was super disappointed/conflicted about what to do.

      3. How did I deal with it? I sold her and used the money to buy a more "fitting" sculpt. I have no regrets. This is obviously not the answer for everyone, but I'm the type of person who knows right away if something is for me or not.

      Good luck Lanilu. I hope you are able to find a solution for your pair!
    9. This is a proportionate difference that bothers me ALOT. :( I remember my first Dollshe and how SHOCKED I was when he arrived - compared to my Luts crew....SHOCKED! I just had nver seen any dolls in person before outside my smallish crew and I hadn't realized that there could be such large differences. Suffice it to say, I got hooked on the more realistically sized Dollshe and stopped (for the most part) collecting the larger headed dolls. The ones I do have I keep away from the Dollshe boys.
    10. I also have a question about wig size..
      I heard that DD is 8.5 inch, if I use a 9 inch wig, how loose will it be?
      What if I use a headcap, will it be better?
    11. All of my dolls have heads that are completely out of proprtion to one another. Well, it's not just their heads. XD I have a tiny that's 17 and an SD that's 15. I find I'm one of the most easy going people when it comes to proportions amongst dolls. I even have a fashion-doll sized dollfie that I consider to fit right in.

      I think you may just get used to it over time. If not, perhaps using wigs that frame the face well on your Ryu will help? My SD girl has an ENORMOUS head, but I find that it looks a little more manageable if the wig she's wearing hugs her face nicely.
    12. This has become an issue for me recently too. When I first got into BJD's, I really loved the stylized look with larger eyes and heads. I still love this look, but now I am more drawn to less stylized sculpts that have smaller heads. And my Nono looks like an alien next to that sort of doll!

      My solution: my older dollls with big heads and stylized features will simply be from a different universe/storyline. ^_~ But if I bought a doll meant to go with an existing group/other doll, and there was a big head size/style difference . . . I'd probably sell it, and in fact have done that before I decided to just have two separate groups.

      Re: covering up a big difference in head size ~ it is possible if the difference isn't huge! I find that it really helps if the smaller head has a puffier wig than the larger one, and for some reason it doesn't bother me as much when the larger head is also on a larger/thicker body. Not photographing them with their heads directly side-by-side also helps.
    13. Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions and suggestions. ^^
      Well, it seems I have to live with it and try to cover it up with wigs and angles (and maybe photoshop though that would feel like cheating o.o).

      I couldn't replace either of them just for a better head matching. D: It was hard enough to find molds which I love AND which resemble my characters at the same time. *is super picky*

      And now that I think about it...this problem HAD to occure eventually. OTL Because I've been liking manga for half my life and draw myself typical cute girls with big eyes and more mature looking guys. >.< Making my female charas into mature/realistic looking dolls or my male charas into more childish/stylised dolls would just feel so wrong and not at all like them. D:

      Oh my why didn't I think about that before I decided to embody my charas...