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Difference in height between type 1 and type 2 Delf boys?

Nov 4, 2006

    1. I wanted to know what the height range was for CP boy bodies new and old.
    2. If you simply check the luts website, they seem to be the same size. 60.5 cm
    3. I think there's a slight difference actually! I saw it in a thread somewhere in Pic Requests... *goes to look*

      If I remember correctly the newer bodies' legs are slightly shorter than the old ones!
    4. That doesn't make much sense o.O I would assume the only difference would be maybe a .5 cm for the neck piece, or a difference in the torso since they changed the neck widths... why would they go and change the legs on us???
    5. That is odd, and why change the beautiful long legs? (Even if they are so kicky)
    6. I agree with Akkhima. I think the only difference is the added neck piece.
    7. how old are we talking? My boy is from November 2005 and he is 60.4ish, it's hard to be exact in millimeters. But it is very clear that come boys are bigger. When i put out my thread on CP detailed measurements [thread=41805]HERE[/thread] someone pointed out in another thread that their Chiwoo was a bit fatter than my boy, not sure if he was taller too though.
    8. I'm not sure! XD I can't find the thread I saw it in, it was a while back, but someone posted a pic of their two boys standing together, an old and new type body, and there was a height difference that I'm sure they said had something to do with the legs! :sweat

      Could someone clear this up for us? (I'm looking at you, Brightfires, if you read this! ;) Can you compare Karru with Harumatsu or someone similar?)
    9. interesting!

      I just checked what the new boys height was to the old..guess I'm wrong ^^;
    10. Even with type 1, there are slight variable in the height. Brightfires did mention the height difference between type 1 as well as type 2 in the her post below.

      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1204447&postcount=10 from this discussion thread

      I do remember reading about someone posting the height difference of her Shiwoo (older batch type 1) and El (newer batch type 1) back-to-back a long time ago, but I can't find the link.

      Instead I found this thread for referencing.
      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82127 (pictures of type 1 and type 2 available for comparison)

      So the height will vary, depending on the batch you ordered from. 60.5cm listed on Luts site is only a generic refernce of how tall the delf will stand.
    11. That's the thread I was talking about! ^_^ Thank you!

      I hope Sakhmet doesn't mind me quoting!

    12. I have some pics here if you like^^ There is quite a difference actually, It's in the legs I think, the torso's seem to be the same size:


    13. The legs are proportionate with the body now so everything is a little shorter. My Harang is a good few inches shorter than my El, it's just all in the legs.
      It works with the Harang though since he looks younger.

    14. I also think it has something to do with the molds. Shrinking a bit.
    15. Yep. Over-all, my Type 2 guys are also shorter than the average Type 1... But like I said in my other post, even the Type 1s aren't all the same height.

      The size difference between your Type 1 and Type 2 is about equal to the difference in height between Jen (my shortest Type 1) and Nightengale (my tallest)... There's a fair bit of size variation in CP guys. Jen's almost the same height as the Harangs. 0_o
    16. I don't have a type 2 yet, but there are definitely differences in height among my type 1s. My Rommate's Chiwoo seems to be the giant at 62cm (and that's not all just because of his big head). Most of the others are 61, but my Shiwoo is the tiniest bit shorter.
    17. From what Akari said, does that mean that the type 1s tended to usually be taller than 60.5cm? I was going to get a type 2 body for a project, but I NEED him to be 60.5cm or more.
    18. I dunno if this helps, but my Chiwoo and El both have Type 1 bodies, and though my Chiwoo is taller than my El by about half an inch, he is only about 59.5-60 cm tall. O_o;
    19. Unless all the comparisons I've seen have been with unusually short type 1s, it looks like the type 2 body is more like 59-60cm, so the type 2s are always going to be shorter than type 1s.