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Differences between Angell Studio normal/senior body ??

Apr 12, 2009

    1. Hello,

      I coudn't find what I was searching for, so I hope this is the right place to ask my question ;)

      If you order a Angell-Studio Doll you can choose between a normal and a senior body.
      What I do know is that a senior body has double joints and that the body poses nice on photo's. The body is also a tiny bit longer...

      My question:
      Which differences are there visible if the doll doesn't wear any clothes (I can't find detailed photo's) and why did you choose for a normal/senoir body?

      Thanks for reading my topic, I hope someone can help me... :daisy:daisy Mona
    2. **bump** ;)
    3. Yep, that's the only difference as far as I'm aware - the Senior bodies are double-jointed, and the Normal bodies are single-jointed :)

      Aesthetically, there's surprisingly little difference except when the joints are bent, and I have one of each and find them both equally easy/difficult to manage (they can be a bit of both sometimes depending on how they're strung!! :XD:) so I wouldn't worry too much about them :)

      I'll try and get some pics of joints for you if you like? Albeit SD vs MSD but... they're pretty much identical :3
    4. Thanks for answering! I appreciate it and I'm looking forward to the picture's of the joints, maybe
      they can help me to choose between both body's ;-)
    5. No problems - I'll do it tonight when I get home from work ^_^ I apologise in advance for the terribleness that is my phone camera :sweat But if I do it before the light dies they shouldn't be too bad ^_^
    6. I don't mind phone camera's ;)

      I'm just wondering how the joints look when they are in different positions...