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Differences between old DoT girl body and New DoT girl body?

Feb 7, 2007

    1. I'm sorry but I couldn't find this info in the search???

      I've managed to land the lovely Elf I-ra head... now I need to find a body for her. Is it worth it trying to get a new one? Or should I settle for the older type?

      What are the differences?

      Also, how consistent are DOD resin colors from batch to batch? If I get a body that isn't hers, will it show? I'm very picky about color matching from head to body.

      Thanks so much for the advice, this is my first DOD doll!!

    2. You can wait since I believe they plan to update and offer both, but don't quote me on that. Otherwise you will have to try and find someone splitting again if you really want the new body (which poses very nicely. I think they fixed something on the torso as well since that joint poses much more easily now). Now with every resin batch there is going to be slight variation just because you can't get an exact match but from my guys they're prety darn close. If one has yellowed over time though you'll see the difference. There also will be a difference in colour since her face is blushed but the resin is the same :)
    3. I got my DOT Shall head months before I bought her body, and only just recently bought her high heeled feet (again many months after). There IS a small difference in the resin color, but it's very slight. Nothing you'd notice unless you were really looking for it.

      Just thought I'd add my experience with that. :)
    4. oh forgot to go over the differences XD

      I-ra's body has the nice double jointed elbows so she can touch her face and really the range of movement and poseability of her arms with that joint is awesome (big improvement) and the eblow joint isn't that much different. Not so big and clunky as say a dollshe or lati red elbow. Quite nice.

      Her torso for some reason moves much more easily and holds a pose far better than it did before. For some reason I can also pose her more easily corss legged than my old Shall body but that could just be me.

      Her feet are heeled as well but you can buy that separately. Also in the limited version you can get her sword hand with painted nails.