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Differences between Volks SD10 oldskin and pureskin?

Sep 20, 2005

    1. Hi! Forgive me if this has been asked and answered before, but I couldn't find any threads on it.
      I am wondering if the differences between the SD10 oldskin and newskin bodies is noticebly different. My pet peeve with the oldskin was the crazy legs spinning themselves backwards all the time, is it improved with the pureskin? If I have a wired oldskin body, maybe even with sueding on the leg joints, would that help the crazy legs? I'm just unsure if I want to save up an extra couple hundred dollars to get my girl a pureskin body instead of oldskin if there really isn't that many differences between them.
      Thanks in advance!!
    2. I don't have an oldskin girl, but I think wiring and sueding would probably help a lot! I would definitely look into it as it is a *way* cheaper alternative to a new pureskin body, and it shouldn't be too hard to do. :grin:
      Some people suede all their dolls, I don't think it could hurt much- and you could always take it off!
      I think it will definitely help the crazy legs though :p

    3. :) Ya, that's what I'm thinking. I'm leaning towards the oldskin now. :)
    4. Pureskin dolls began with the Dollpa9 Anais, Rhea, and Shirro. I have one of these (Anais) so I know a little about the first generation pureskin bodies. The resin is somewhat different. It's more translucent, which makes photographing them a little harder, but gives their skin more of a glow IMHO. Second, yes, they redid the joints and the elastic fastening system in the head as well. Gone are the 'ducks' - you just hook the s-hook through the strings, pull it up, turn 90 degrees and latch it in the notches cast in the head. The top of the head is held on with a rubber band to the top of the s-hook.

      The new bodies don't have the crazy legs problems the old ones did, and each subsequent generation of pureskin is more posable (and holds poses better) than the last, though obviously the tension and elasticity of your stringing still matter a great deal. My Anais's string, for example, is stretching out and loosing its elasticity, so to get her tight enough to stand on her own means she no longer holds poses well. At some point she's going to be getting restrung, and I'll probably sand her while I have her apart.

      I have lots of pics of Anais here including nudes where you can see more of the body differences.

    5. I have both a pureskin SD girl and some oldskin ones, and I can say that, wired and sueded, the oldskin girls stand and hold poses just as well.

      Suedeing may need to be redone if you play with her alot, though. But it could add some milage to this lovely body's usage, be a fun project, and help you bond and appreciate her.

      (I prefer the sculpt of the oldskin bodies in some ways.)
    6. Thanks! I'm quite sure (if everything works out) that I'll be buying an oldskin SD10 body that has been wired and sueded already! I really hope I get it! I feel a lot better about it now! Thanks!
    7. Behold! Here's some info I posted elsewhere.

    8. I don't like the groves, teeth and locks in the newer volks bodies, because it makes the joints jerk unnaturally. I have an oldskin, and simple wiring (thread the wire up through the torso and then back down the other leg, and through both knees) fixes her crazy leg problem. The only thing I don't like is the knees and the knobby ankle and wrist joints... eeks!

      Her feet still turn around like crazy, which is annoying. I'll be sueding her after I blush her. :D
    9. Wow - the joints on the newer body looks so well cut and clean.
      In my old skin body - the joints are rough, filled with pits and seams from when it was cast. It came that way.
      It is very tempting to try to get a newer body but then I think I would be losing my doll's charm.

      She looks more hand made than manufactured because of her imperfections.
      It is good to see that Volks has stepped up quality over the years rather than the opposite. :daisy
    10. I have some SD10s and they are all the new body/pure type. I've always loved the arched back of the older dolls. I totally agree with Janne.....the older bodies are very beautiful.
    11. Thanks for answering! This is why I love this hobby-People are soooo nice!!!! :):):)