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Different Bodies for an OrientDoll Head?

Apr 26, 2007

    1. Hey there everyone!!! I have fallen in complete love with the OrientDoll Vampire Il...However, I have a Tender Bee-A at home and I need Vampire Il to be taller than she is. Does anyone know of any good bodies that would make him taller than her, match the OrientDoll resign and look alright with the OrientDoll head?

      If anyone has pics of OrientDoll guys with different bodies, I'd appriciate it!

      Thanks!! :aheartbea
    2. I think his head will be out of proportion if you put it on a taller body. He is small compared to other minis; he can wear Tonner Matt clothes.
    3. that's what i was thinking too. Maybe Narin? He's a small sort of boy. maybe StephG can help you out? she has/had both of them.
    4. Thanks for the help everyone!!! Eeeeck, looks like I won't be able to get a taller OrientDoll then! ^^;;
    5. This thread shows an OD body with a Lati yellow head. Lati yellow bodies are smaller than OD, but if the Lati resin is a match, then maybe you could go for a Lati green. Or wait until lati orange emerges?
    6. ooooooooooh, thanks for the tip!!!! I'll look into that!!
      Thanks a lot bebe!!
    7. This thread shows an Orientdoll Tae with a mini-supia (she's a thinner MSD, like Narin, Narae, Unoa..ect...)


      This is just a general thread for Dae type with other dolls


      So you have a little more info of what you're getting into trying to find the Dae type a different body.

      Tae is a beautiful sculpt, and beautifully proportioned, and I can't wait until they have the jointed torso they've been talking about but I've only ever seen one other doll he's in proportion to, and that 's the Unoa 2.0, who is much taller than he is, but with such a small head, she looks wonderful with him.

      I think just having the Il (I'm just loving the new Il vamp head!) would be pretty cool....

      Good luck!
    8. Thanks for the info, _rosa!! Ack...the more I see comparison pics, the more I think that he won't work out as I'd like....he looks too well porportioned as a smaller doll - the DoC looks HUGE next to him.

      And yeah...that new vampire Il is killin' me! :lol:
    9. Bumps for more info??
    10. Any more info? :D
    11. Any more info or piccies??
    12. Tae's head is very small at 5.5 inches. I think the closest male BJD may be Serendipity Valencia with a 6-inch head. His body might be slimmist male BJD body other than Tae. But you'd have to look at whatever measurements you can find.

      They do not currently have the 14yr mini boy body displayed in parts, but have the mini female body and it says the male body photo will be updated soon.

      But in my opinion, a 5.5 inch head is going to look really odd next to Bee-A's head and might even look a bit small on Valencia's body.

    13. I have a Tae and a Narin, and Tae's head would definitely look too small on Narin's body :( Tae's height is such a sad thing . . .

      I also have some pics of him next to a Bee-A, if they would help you. It's true though that he really only looks good in proportion to fasion-doll sized dolls, unless you get creative with camera angles.
    14. oooooh, thanks! A pic would be lovely!

      Ack...looks like I can't make him taller no matter what, eh? *considers buying ultra platform shoes*
    15. Well, thought I had better ones than this, but hopefully they'll still give you a better idea of how the two dolls look next to each other (Bee-A is the blonde girl):


    16. ooooooooh....now that's small!!!! Yeah...I see that this isn't going to work out!!!! Because Tae has to be bigger than my T.Bee-A...but THANKS everyone for the pics and info!!!!
    17. wow he is very small ^^ but cute.

      Good luck Snitter to find a boy taller than your Bee-A. My Rae is taller than Shido's Bee-A tho there is always DoC Too ^^
    18. Well, I wanted the Il because of the vampire look...my character that'd fit Il is a very sweet, open, caring fella who has fangs (but isn't a vampire...and his ears would be sanded down) so thats why I wanted him. But he is 15 years older than my Bee-A!
    19. Well here's a couple of weird ideas...

      Buy a mini who is not a vampire but has lips you think will work for this.

      Then either

      1. Sculpt a pair of little vampire teeth of sculpey using his lips as a guide. Bake the teeth. Then you could either glue them on with tacky glue, or just stick them on with a bit of soft white sculpey when his vampire side is showing.

      2. Or buy the doll unpainted, and get a modder to add little vampire teeth with epoxysculpt or white milliput. Have them or someone else do faceup.

      A different option would be to buy a doll that has open mouth and teeth and and add small fangs to the tooth part.

      And re Narin - I don't think he would work with Bee-A. Here is a picture of Narae with Bee-A. Bee's head is noticeably larger (Narae and Narin have heads around 6.5 inches).

      How tall is Bee and what is her head size?

      And BTW - I think there are some DOC Too's in the marketplace, maybe some other DOC mini guys.


    20. Wow, awesome ideas bebe!!! Thanks so much for your help!!!!

      Bee-A is 43 cm and her ehad size is,......aaaah, good question!!!! 6-7, i think ^^
      And thats a good idea....getting fangs added in!!! :) Thanks again so much!