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Different body for a unidoll jace head?

Nov 14, 2010

    1. hello!

      i have been researching for a long while. i have read every thread here that i could find, but i am so overwhelmed and thought someone might be able to help...

      i have a floating unidoll jace head. i know for a fact that he matches dollzone white skin, and fits on the dollzone 60cm body perfectly. (i have that body here, and it's a great match) BUT, it makes him too short for what i want.

      so i wondered if anyone has any other ideas? i am open to anything, i just haven't seen a lot of picture-proof of a body match for him.

      i was even thinking of one of the taller dollzone bodies, because i know it's a color match, but i am open to anything!

      i can't find the specs for the unidoll bodies, but here are the specs for the dollzone bodies:

      70cm dollzone body:

      Neck size: 11cm
      Shoulder width: 16cm
      Arms length: 19cm
      Chest size: 26cm

      65cm dollzone body:

      Neck Size:11cm
      Shoulder Width:15cm
      Arm Length:20.5cm

      thank you so much for any help!
    2. does anyone have a suggestion, or know of a thread that answers my question? thank you!
    3. what about angels dolls body 71Cm size?
      They have Ivan on event for the next 3 days, so you may take chances to buy the body for a very affordable price,
      the body is good and also soemone in angels dol thread claimed thta angels doll white normal match with unidoll resins color...
    4. oh! thank you so much savage! unfortunately, i can't afford it in the next 3 days, but still...it's good to know about the resin match too. =)
    5. Angels doll running a special offer event that ends in few days,you will get the body for a very small price and layaway is avaible too,take a look.
    6. I have my Jace head on a Luts SDF body and it looks good. The Luts SSDF bodies are around 70 cm, if you want a taller body.
    7. oh really muisje? my jace head is white skin tone. is yours? i heard that white luts doesn't match unidoll white very well. how is yours?
    8. I'd love to see pix of your boy.

      orphansparrow: I'm also looking for a body for my Jace head. I didn't like how un-poseable the Unidoll bod was. I was planning on a Spiritdoll body. I saw one somewhere about a year ago, but it was the older slim body and they don't offer it anymore. but, the neck might be the same as the new body. (I just don't care for it, so am looking for something slimmer.)

      my Jace head fits well on a Soom supergem bod. (but, I have a white skin and a grey - so neither of my dolls can share with Jace.) *deep sigh*
    9. My Jace head is from one of the first Jace dolls sold by Unidoll and it matches with the yellowish Real Skin of Luts from several years ago. (see picture.) I can't say much about resin matches between newer resins.

      If you don't mind horror mods, here is a link to my LJ.
    10. thanks muisje! i've seen your boy around before... kind of hard to forget. ;)

      what size body is the luts? regular sd?
    11. oh yes, sorry - i meant, what size is your boy on? it's a little hard to tell how tall he is.
    12. what about spiritdoll? would that match dollzone white?? my jace head matches dollzone white perfectly, but i need a tall, more realistic body. :(
    13. I don't know...i never own a spirit doll doll yet..maybe you can check in the request picture section?
    14. Muisje: really well done mods! It made me laugh a bit though, because my Jace is scarred and has cat eyes because he's the main character from an RPG game: The Witcher. I bought him to be a baller dancer, but his stolid body wouldn't bend enough. I miss him and hope to find a new bod for him soon.
    15. bump please...anyone have a jace on a non-unidoll body that works well??
    16. bump again...i'm still really searching for this...does anyone have a 70cm range body that works for him??
    17. still searching...will not give up!!
    18. thanks sabbatha - i wonder about the resin match though with unidoll?