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Different body types

Nov 29, 2016

    1. Do you ever wish there was more body diversity in the ball jointed doll community? I'd love to see dolls with more varied bodies. I really like doll chateau, they have very unique yet not exactly "realistic" bodies. They have a very interesting feel to them though. I feel like it just gets boring with nothing , but skinny girls and muscular boys. I get that there's minor diversity in the bodies and it varies from company to company, but I wish there were a wider spectrum. What if you want a plus size doll or a non-muscular guy sculpt, or a muscular female sculpt? I know you could do modifications, but I just really enjoy the variety of body types I see in real life and I wish there were more options.
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    2. Small artists are answering the call!! I know at least 3 small artists who are making fat girls at this moment, and my favorite artist, Boypink, is in the process of sculpting a buff 60cm girl I am completely enamored with (you can see her on their tumblr b-yp-nk or instagram xdissipation), as well as a slim gender neutral body.
      There's a few threads here on DOA discussing this very lack of spectrum and offering solutions, suggesting companies, etc if you look around. I would link but mobile is less than cooperative
    3. Yes, I would like to see more diversity, as long as they're able to keep the posing abilities. For male dolls, I'd like to see a fat guy and more realistically skinny adult guys. For female dolls, I'd like to see more mature small busted girls. I feel like so many SD girls either have a very large bust, or if they have a small bust, they tend to have huge hips or be very childlike. I just want a slim woman who is nearly flat chested but looks like an adult.
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    4. CloakedSchemer Granado has a a fairly small bust body that's definitely adult. I'm not a fan of the larger busted bodies either...I think they're difficult to dress.
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    5. I like to have diversity, too. ^^ All body types are beautiful, so having more different looking doll bodies would be so good. But I can understand that the posing might be a problem for more chubbier or clearly overweigh-looking dolls.

      Anyway, one of my favorite dolls with rare bodytypes is Freakstyle's Salome (and Eve, who has same body). Really beautiful, realistic presentation of female body. And Doll Chateau girls with the extra-narrow shoulders and wide hips are just stunning. <3 And one doll on my wishlist is Magic Mirror Studio Saiorse/Sinead/Siobhan, they have very beautiful, realistic yet elf-like body I love.
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    6. I agree id love to see more female girla with larger hips/thighs as well as thicker shapes to them and also more creative play with body porportions as well
    7. Even within a narrow spectrum, I'd love to see more diversity in shape/build... like, I understand that some shapes will be easier to engineer than others, when it comes to stability and flexibility, and different people have different opinions on mobility vs. aesthetics...

      The couple I'm most eager to have in doll form have different body types to the point where I haven't yet found two dolls who look right together... other characters that I feel strongly about the body type for have similar struggles, but it's easier to find something that works when you don't need two dolls to look right next to each other...

      And even when I don't want a particular body for myself, I just feel like it's so good to see a lot of diversity and creativity.
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    8. I agree with Cloaked Schemer and Lisa the Lurker and I had this very problem when looking through the Fairyland website. I really like the Fairyland sculpts and they are good posers so I thought about ordering one. Went to the website and discovered that all the ones I liked came with large breasts and no options. Very disappointing as I didn't order one. At least Iplehouse give the option on the SD's. For me the most realistic body sculpts I've found are the DollsTown. The other problem I have is matching body types for photography. I have a DollsTown girl and they are quite large (18yrs Girl 70cm, 13yrs girl 60cm) so to find a suitable match I have to look in the 65-70cm size range which leads me straight back to the large breast problem. Going round in circles at the moment.
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    9. I too would love to see a more muscular female--not even the super buff type, just not the "softer," busty curvy ones. A female with harsher angles and at least a slightly formed abdomen. On the other hand, older male sculpts with less muscle definition would be nice as well--it seems to range from no muscle to an athlete/bodybuilder with no in-between. People in the doll community have so many unique characters and stories, and although the heads are fairly diverse having more options in form and "silhouette" I think would be a very cool thing to see.
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    10. I'd really like to see some chubby bodies. Not like some child ones, with just "rounder" legs, but like with a slightly more visible tummy and "round" legs and arms. Not fat but not thin either would be nice.
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    11. i personally like the Loong soul's body 'cause they have a very flexible bodies, i do like fantasy bodies if it comes to uniqueness, but i prefer more to see male fantasy bodies 'cause they are so rare i guess.
    12. Arwen Grune makes bjd with bellies and thick thighs. The first in the line just released not long ago. It's called Claudette. She sells on Etsy .

      She's working on three more heads right now. My favorite or if the 4 is Paulette, but she's not in production yet.
      #12 Haneino Tsukiko, Feb 27, 2017
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    13. Yes, I'd love to see more diversity! I have seen some adorable chubby girls being made but one thing I really want is a chubby boy doll. I'm dreaming of sculpting one myself but I'm also way nervous to even try sculpting (haven't tried it in forever lol).
      I just got a Merry Doll Round Ophelia and I LOVE her thick legs :D her body in general is super gorgeous, and I like the fact that MDR has both the Komorebi body which is small-chested and with less curves, and the new Petrichor body which is a beautiful, but not too exaggerated (IMO) hourglass.
      My BeYours boy is great too, he is a 65cm guy but without the ridiculously defined 6-pack you see on most male bodies that size. He has a really soft looking and somewhat androgynous body so if anyone is looking for something like that, BeYours is great!
    14. Yes definitely! I think about this all the time and I really wish there were more shapes and sizes in mainstream bjd's I know a lot of artists more diverse bodies but they are normally at a much higher price point. But I really want a plus size girl and I hope to get one someday!
    15. I would definitely love to see more diversity, especially in male bodies. I have a character I was looking for a body for and he has relatively thin shoulders and wider hips/thighs (because he's a bunny and slightly anthropomorphized), but I couldn't find anything in the 60+ range that even remotely fit what I wanted. (There were several MSD boys though.) My best option would have been to mod a female body, but even then finding something with proportions to fit the head and still keep some muscle just...wouldn't work. I had to just give up eventually, and now I'm just looking for something pretty. :huh?:

      I guess my point is that for men, I'd love to see something between "big boxy muscles and rectangular torsos" and "still rectangular but really skinny," like some other people have mentioned. The Loongsoul (two-part torso) and Dollzone 62cm boy bodies are interesting to me in that they're muscular without being triangular or rectangular - they're prettier, basically, than the boxy torsos and muscles you find in some bodies - but they're still not super diverse.

      I think (I am absolutely not sure, just kind of thinking out loud) that BJDs were originally kind of meant to be like fashion dolls or models, so of course they have what are considered "traditionally attractive" bodies, with small waists and big breasts for women and wide shoulders and muscles for men. But as the hobby gets bigger and different characters and uses for dolls start coming in, people are going to want more variation. BJDs aren't just models for a lot of people, and those who use them as models and not characters really would probably want more body types too. They're just more interesting!

      I'm kind of rambling, but...trying to find a body for this head has made me realized that I personally find a lot of male SD bodies kind of ugly, and finding ones I like that work for the head and character is really hard. Some more variation, even subtle stuff, would most definitely help me, and probably a lot of other people too, find just what they want for their character.

      (Wow, when did this turn into a scholarly essay...? By the way, if anyone knows a pretty 60+cm body that'd fit a LittleRebel head... :wiggle)
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    16. I thought it was so cool when I first saw Atelier Momoni's 'Momoni' for the first time! She's so pear shaped and different from anything else I'd seen up to that point, which was super awesome! I would LOVE to see more 'different' shaped dolls in the future! :love
    17. Some of the curvier sculpts I've run across tend to come from very, very limited doll sculptors. Enaibi and Lillycat make lovely dolls, as well as Asella Dolls, but I think Enaibi doesn't sell their dolls? They exist, that's for sure! And they're absolutely beautiful, I love their diversity and lush forms.
    18. Lumedoll has MSD sized mature male dolls in both a muscular and a slimmer more average looiking body type. The female dolls are slim like most dolls, but in a very human looking way. They look like they're fit, not ethereal. Maybe not what people are looking for, but I think they're a refreshing change from many of the inhumanly slim dolls.
    19. Yes! I'm totally in love with Boypink's sculpts!

      And I do really really want to see larger-bodied dolls. If I had more time I'd be interested in sculpting one myself. One of my partners drew up plans for a really cute fat BJD but never got around to making it - maybe someday!
    20. I think it would be really cool to have a company make more "modular" bodies, with interchangeable parts, especially if some were more unisex.

      It would be hard for some parts (there would probably have to be unique options for a particular waist size--perhaps waist sizes for more stereotypically male or female silhouettes), but I could see things like muscley or unmuscled arms and thighs, narrow or thick thighs, narrow or wide hips, bust sizes (which a lot of companies already do), long or short legs, long or short torso, male or female hip joint, etc. being more modular.

      This would allow multiple looks for the same headsculpt, and allow for people to buy a variety of body types from the same company.

      That being said, there are inherent economical/marketing challenges for this idea.
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