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Different degrees of realism in the same doll family?

Jul 8, 2005

    1. If you have a Nono and Heath for example, do they get along? Or perhaps a risque, more anime-like Dollfie Dream and a more realistic girl on a realistically blushed SD13 body?

      How do they fit in the same world? Do the different stylizations detract from, or highlight each other?
    2. I like all my dolls to look good as a whole. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case because of the variety in and between brands. As a result, I end up purchasing them a friend or a companion that looks good with them. :) Though... it's starting to get a wee bit expensive. xD
    3. my DD is romantically involed with my shiwoo and i thiink its great. my obitsu doesn't seem out of place either ^-^
    4. They do look a bit...off.

      My husband has a DD Sirius, which of course is very styalized indeed, and I have a SD13 Cyndy and a SD Megu, who are somewhat stylized... It seems as if they aren't quite of the same race. As if the Sirius is some sort of pretty alien or something...

      We've discussed what would happen if we got dolls with even more realistic face sculpts, like Madoka or Liz... That would look even stranger...! :oops:
    5. Rose's DD head weirded Tim (DoD Yen) out something fierce. He was much happier when I got her a DES head instead.
    6. It just doesn't work so well for me, which is why I've been having such a time of finding Zoe, especially since she's paired up with Rei.
    7. I think it depends on the person, and on the doll, and also on how badly you want them to work together. *laugh*

      My Raziel (F-09, very cute and rather stylised head, IMHO) had always known that Gavrael (my Shirou, much more realistic, and also, much SMALLER head) was his dream boy. ^_~ When Gavrael first arrived, he was very definitely Gavrael, but when I first started posing them together, I stared at the difference between their two heads and got really upset by it. I felt like it wasn't going to work and I was really worried, because they belonged together, and Raziel was already Raziel and Gavrael was already Gavrael so I couldn't just body-hop one of them.

      But after a couple of days, that feeling just totally faded away. The more time they spent together, the more right they seemed to me. They belonged together after all. Now, I don't notice the difference and can't imagine them any other way. ^_^

      So, even when you think it won't work, it CAN work. :grin:
    8. I tend to ignore the issue, hehe, but it does throw me off sometimes. Like I think my Sram looks rather startling next to my S. Jin; one has big wide eyes and the other has a more mature sculpt and "dreaming" eyes.. However, I rarely pose my dolls (besides Dev and Allistair) so close together where it looks like an issue, and I've never found it a reason to not get a certain sculpt or whatever. ^^;

      I'll be getting a Hound to go with my Sram.. that will be interesting.. :lol:
    9. I'm worried about this. I didn't plan to get a Nono, I definatly prefer the more realistic heads, but SHE ended up picking ME, and now I wouldn't give her up for the world. I still want more realistic dolls, however, and I don't know what they'll look like next to her. I have a feeling that Juniper will be 'just for me', so to speak. My closest and bestest friend, but she wouldn't interact much with the other dolls, other than being a bit of a guardian angel over them. I think my more realistic dolls will end up getting more attention from others; Nono isn't really that popular of a head, and I can understand why. But the relationship between her and I will be special, because I love her for her quirkiness. Because I can understand something about her that so many don't, there's something unique between us, like a treasured secret.

    10. Maybe I'm just not extremely picky about it, but I've never had a problem with it. Almost all of my dolls come from different companies... two SDs, one Unoa, two CP boys, and a CH boy... and they all look fine together. Perhaps it's because they're all painted by me, so their... facial stylings... are complementary?

      I honestly don't know. But they seem to work together fine. I think it might be different if I got a DD or something of that ilk, though. The stylistic differences of my current six (OMG, I have six BJDs *faints*) aren't major enough to really bug me.

    11. I regret to admit this is happening. I got an Dollstown Estella head and I just doesn't fit in with the family.Iit's like a different "species", way different.

      I hate to say, but I might end up trading or selling it. :cry:
    12. Hmmm... I never really thought about it before, actually. I don't have a doll yet, but I feel like I already know them from all my planning for them. I usually don't like the more realistic heads, and lean toward the stylized ones. The most realistic looking dolls out of all of the ones I want are Megu, Kun and Cyndy.

      I think for the most part they will all get along. :daisy
    13. My first (and most treasured) doll is my Nono, so its important to me that my other dolls "match" her well. Jun T. didn't work with her at all, she made Gwena look like an alien, but I think that was also due to the fact that Jun T wasn't my style either. :oops: So I was a bit worried when I got a Shirou, but strangely enough the two actually look fine together and even get along. I think the fact that I really love him helped, along with the fact that he and Nono are both Volks molds.

      I'm also getting a Unoa boy and a DOD boy that will be friends, and I don't think their different styles will bother me. But then, I've never owned dolls with such different styles of the same scale before!
    14. Well, it's interesting. My Cami (Ani) can't wear big furry wigs next to Dawn (Serendipity Alice) because she looks so strange next to Dawn's small, more realistic head... it makes her look like a furry monster. :P When they're both wearing hair-like wigs, they look more like they belong together. Also, when I take photos, their heads right next to one another just looks odd since Cami's younger than Dawn, but larger. Basically it takes a little skill in photographing them from certain angles and positions to make them look right. When they're just sitting next to each other, they look fine to me.
    15. I feel the same. Almost all of my girls are from different companies (Volks, DOD, AR, CP, and PW), but I've painted them all. I do turn down certain heads because I think they would be too realistic for me.

      Paul- I really couldn't see an Estella fitting in with your group either!
      Sad to say, but she's one of the "too realistic" heads for me as well. Hope it works out. :daisy
    16. My first doll was also a nono. at first i was trying to match up dolls that looked good together but i threw that idea out. I now have a f-09, hugo, and a nono. three totally different head molds but I dont think they look that bad together.

    17. ...I just couldn't come up with a good title for this.

      Anyway, as you can see in my signature, I'm the owner of an AR GA Ami (Dahlia) and a SD Tiffee (Dawn).

      Before Dawn arrived, I'd have said that my Dahlia is not all that anime-ish. Sure, her eyes are pretty big for her face, but her nose and lips are very defined, and compared to some other sculpts, like for example some of the older Volks sculpts, she looks relatively realistic. Next to Dawn, however, she looks very stylized and almost bug-eyed, and her head is HUGE in comparison.

      The difference in realism makes Dahlia look like... a doll. Which of course she IS, but you know what I mean, right? She just doesn't seem as alive as she did before.

      And it bothers me. I didn't think it would, but since Dawn got here, I find that I'm hesitant to pick Dahlia up and do anything with her. I'm not sure yet what to do about it.


      So, do you have dolls with a notable difference in realism in the same family? Does it bother you? Have you done anything to bridge the gap, have you sold dolls because of it, do you keep your dolls in different corners of the room?
    18. I have thought about this too. My former Soah and my Nabee just dont seem to fit in with my CP family. I have found that I do not like to put her with them and ended up putting her in her box recently because I find I like my almost "anime" like CP dolls more. Nabee is lovely but she has a diffrent "feel" then my CP family, and I guess, Yes it bothers me.
    19. I have a Tender Yen, and am about to bring a much more realistic sculpt (CustomHouse Uriel) into my doll family, and I think it's just fine. I love them both, and that's all that really matters.
    20. My dolls aren't really a family but more sets of couples. It's important to me that the couples have the same degree of realism, but the whole group doesn't have to go together.

      I have them paired like this
      Dollshe Hound/Happydoll Margo
      Dollmore Dean and Ray

      I think of my Dean and my Ray as being the most anime looking, and in some ways they are my least favorite because of it.

      I don't think I have ever even taken a "family" picture of the whole group together.