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Different Doll Companies and the Type of Resin They Use.

Jun 5, 2010

    1. We all know that different companies use probably one of three kinds of resin in making their dolls: French resin, urethane resin and environmental resin. From what I've read, French resin yellows the fastest, and environmental resin the slowest*. Is there a master list of which companies use which kind of resin? If there isn't, then I'd like to start one, but I need your help! I'm a BJD newbie, and I believe this kind of list will help old and new doll owners alike in deciding what to buy.

      Please provide links or evidence, thank you!

      French resin:
      Narin Doll

      Urethane resin:
      Narin Doll

      Environmental resin:
      Island Doll

      *needs confirmation

      (I tried searching for an existing thread with the same subject, but found none, so I decided to make one. If there already is one, please lock this! ^_^)
    2. some companies, like limhwa, supia, and narin doll, offer regular resin also!
    3. I think Ringdoll uses environmental resin.
    4. Narsha and Zaoll is also available in both urethane and french resin. They are sold by Dollmore but I believe made by Narin Doll.
    5. Angell-Studio also offers polyurethane resin.
    6. Well ok, I did a quick google search and confirmed that Angell-Studio, Narsha and Zaoll do come in urethane. It also says on their official site that Ringdoll is made from environmental resin. ^^
    7. If I'm right Bobobie dolls, and all dolls cast by them (you'd have to really dig to find all of them, as there are a few people who have BBB cast their doll lines for them) are Urethane resin. So...Bobobie, Resinsoul, Lady Saiyuki, and at least 1 or 2 other sculptors' dolls are Urethane.
    8. @Ayas-Shadow: I couldn't find any proof that BBB uses urethane. :( Do you have a link that says they do?
    9. Hi there. :) Luts is using polyurethane resin. I read it at my Luts Manual Book : Click Me
    10. Every company that doesn't state that their dolls are made from something different from urethane DO use urethane. So Bobobie might not say it (as DOD, Dollmore, Iplehouse, Soom, Souldoll etc. doesn't say it either) but their dolls are indeed made of urethane resin. You can actually list all the doll companies there unless you've read somewhere that they don't use urethane ;)

      I have one more for the Enviromental though: Impldoll XD
      And for French resin: Iplehouse special realskin (and other colored skins in the noctarcana circus series) are made of a mix with french resin+urethane resin.
    11. I agree with Smaug, from what I understand urethane is the standard type of plastic used to make all resin dolls, where people offer french or "environmental" resins they are offering an alternative to the standard urethane. Just don't quote me on that!

      I used to work for a big toy company who manufactured dolls out in the far east (plastic MM children's dolls) and remember lots of conversations about the new possibilities with "resin", ie, urethane.
    12. My understanding was that environmental resin was basically a new name for French resin. It appears to be a similar type of resin. I've got an Island Doll Amy. They could use UV protection in it, but I'm not sure.
    13. Uh, yeah Enviromental resin is a bit confusing...I seem to remember that one of the companies stated that it's not the same as French resin...

      But it has very-very similar qualities (especially translucency). And being as new as it is in this hobby (the first enviromental resin dolls are roughly a year old, if I remember correctly) I would hold judgment on long term yellowing until we get a bit more experience....(meaning: I'm not sure they yellow as slow as the companies using it say).

      But that's the skepticism of an urethane resin fan for you :sweat
    14. I have a silly question... I hope it's the right thread to post it, I couldn't find anything else when doing a search under "resin"... :sweat

      Is it easy to tell what kind of resin it is when you see / touch the doll ? I have 4 dolls that I bought almost all at the same time, and since I didn't know the difference between resin types, I didn't pay attention at that time.

      However, I notice a major difference, and I don't know if it's the resin itself or the "finish"... My Iplehouse Tania and my Dollmore Mio seem to be made from a similar material, while my Supia Rosy and my Limhwa ToYou Sara seem to be made from another material. It's hard for me to describe, but my Supia and my Limhwa are more "shiny" while the two others are more "matte". Texture is different too.

      I'm curious... Any ideas ? :?
    15. Hmm, I always thought that DOD used French Resin, but you guys say it's urethane? @@
      Since, like you said, they don't say, I always assumed it looked more like French?

      I've also heard that French resin has a more 'grainy' feel than urethane?
      Is that true?
    16. Angell-Studio actually no longer offers urethane resin as an option. Sadly for me, since I was hoping I could order a urethane sulpt from them, but... Ah well.