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Different dolls for the same character?

Jun 19, 2007

    1. Assuming you create characters around your dolls, whether they be pre-concieved characters or not, would it be strange to adopt more than one doll for the same character with no intention of selling either of them? :sweat

      What I'm basically running into is that I like to create my boys after characters I already have, but over the course of time their personalities and looks change drastically. I'd like to have a doll for them in their later years, but at the same time, I still want their 'original' forms too ( which is why I just wouldn't want to mod them ). So for other examples, you might want 'baby' and 'adult' versions of a doll you already have. Or you want your own version of an original character doll someone else already has ( not copying!), or situations along those lines.

      So I'm basically curious to see if anyone else has done this before. And if so, do you find it odd at all? Do you buy the same doll each time or opt for two different ones for the same character? And even if you haven't done this before, I'd still like some opinions and thoughts on the matter.

      I guess I'm just nervous if it would end up feeling strange ^^'

      Thank you!:aheartbea
    2. I've though about doing this, actually. Sounds kind of cool. I think there is one person on DoA with two Shushus, one on a mini-fee body, one sleeping Shushu on kid delf, to represent the character throughout her life (child & teenager). Or something like that, I don't remember exactly :sweat Is that what you meant, though?
    3. I've actually thought about this once or twice too...
      The BJD, Foster, was actually based on the younger version of one of my characters. Since the character has developed quite a bit since the time he was created, I had thought about creating the current version of him as well, but eventually decided against it because I thought that it would make more sense just to make the BJD version of him grow in the same way. So I think I'm fine having just one Foster at the moment.
    4. Yup, that's what I mean. See, I want to order my boy Fakia ( DoD Ivan ) since I think that mold looks absolutely perfect for his original character, sweet, shy and just overall adorable. xD However, because of the storyline I have him in, he becomes very different than that with some extreme mods I'm dieing to do for him. <3 However, I just didn't think I'd want to mod my Ivan since I'd still want him as his original sweet self as well. That's when I started toying around the idea of getting two dolls for him, although...I'm unsure about it since I'd always thought I'd be more comfortable with one resin body per character, that way it felt more...I don't know, like it was 'really them'.

      Sorry if that's confusing >.> Just like to know all ya'lls thoughts <3
    5. My dolls are my own version of the Harry Potter world, and I have two 'timelines' One of the adults as when they were young adults, and the other is the kids as young adults. But I figured out and look forward to having two Snapes. One for the 'adult' generation, one for the 'kid' generation. For now my Adult Snape is playing a duel role and he's not to happy about it.

    6. Yeah, I did this. ^^ I have my Mini sized Yuuta from Prince of Tennis and I'm getting a SD sized Yuuta Prince of Tennis as well. I just adore Yuuta :aheartbea

      Thogh you could argue that both Yuuta's are on the AU side :lol:
    7. I plan on having three versions of Eiri and Shuichi from Gravitation. It wasn't the original intent. I had planned on only having two large dolls and that would be it.

      This originally happened partly because I could not find a taller than typical SD to be Eiri for my taller than typical SD Shuichi (63cm). After months of frustration, looking at Dollshes and other large dolls and not seeing anything I liked, I decided to alleviate some of my frustration by shopping around the smaller sizes. I decided to get two tinies and two MSDs to represent them, too.

      The large ones would be the original characters, but older than the anime/manga, which is how I write them. The tinies would be members of my youkai group and the medium ones would be from an alternate futuristic universe and younger in age.

      The large Eiri refused to make an appearance last year so I got the tinies (Elf Elly Banji and Lime from Dollmore) in December 2006. Dollmore did a smashing job of Eiri's grumpy face.

      I picked the CP mnf Shiwoo for the a/u Shuichi and the DOC Hoo for a/u Eiri. I had considered the large Shiwoo for my SD Shuichi at one point but picked the Iplehouse Soo Ri for his more realistic face and great elbow joints. The mnf Shiwoo would be a good compromise - still a Shiwoo but smaller.

      After the elf Shushu came out, I decided I really wanted to wait and see if Luts would come out with an elf mnf Shiwoo. However, I was ready to order both the regular mnf Shiwoo and the Hoo after I finished teaching a class last semester. I would have enough money to order both and I would hopefully get them around the same time. My large Shuichi was with me over a year without his Eiri and I was not going to let that happen again for that long.

      Then Dollmore released a new Model Doll and my large Eiri appeared in the form of the Haneol Moon. All my money went to the large Eiri. When I got him, he was a perfect match for my Shuichi. Both have realistic faces and their heights work great together.

      I wasn't expecting the mnf elf Shiwoo to come out so quickly so I had to scramble for the money for him. And now his Eiri won't be ordered until fall or winter because I cannot afford him right now.

      I love having three different sizes with slightly different personalities. They are the same, but different. The tinies are slightly magical and have loud opinions about things. The large ones have been quietly cuddling since I brought them together, which has been really sweet. I don't have the msd ones yet so I am curious about their personalities. The mini Shuichi is already telling me a tragic story and I know the mini Eiri, who will be called Yuki, is hunting him with intent to kill.
    8. Heh, yep, in my loooong time plans there is a Bluefairy Louis, who will be my 'Little Ezra'. Why? Because I'm a fanfic whore, and there are some nice fanfictions about 'childified' Ez, too. (The older one is also based on fanfictions anyway:))
      The only problem is - how will he interact with himself???
    9. This is all very interesting. I never really thought of doubling up, so to say, but I could. Miles the character and Miles the doll are vastly different. Miles the doll is like if Miles the character was born in a different place to different people. XD;; So different. Both immature. But I can't really make another Miles. I haven't really seen any doll that makes me go "that could be miles!" He's a complicated character. I'm hoping the new face-up I'll eventually will be doing will help transition closer to his real personality. I did give him a tattoo which looks kinda cutesy on him so it suits the doll's personality, but the real Miles wouldn't have such a tattoo, even though it represents something important about him. So yeah, I'd probably want to look for a more mature doll, but I'd end up with multiples based on his bi-personality(like bipolar, but not...).
    10. I'm going to have two dolls for the same character - eventually. Mostly because he has two forms, but also I'm not sure if the doll at the moment IS the character that I've played for so long - he might have a few tweaks but not much else. I'm using the same mold for the two different forms, the head I'm waiting on is going to be incredibly modded. :D I can't wait.

      But no, I don't find it weird to answer your question, I'm really looking forward to having two Anton's. :)
    11. I was thinking of doing this for story purposes, I was going to get a Lati Coco green to represent Charlotte as a child, because she's always having flashbacks of her past :)
    12. I had given this some thought as well at one point. My story spans at least fifteen years of Chris and Lucas's life, starting in their senior year of high school. As it is a fairly large chunk of time, they do change. But having adult!Chris and adult!Lucas hanging out with their younger selves woulda been...awkward, for me at the very least. This might change when I actually get around to posting the story on the internet, but for now I am more than happy to have the versions of my characters that I do have.

      I don't think it's werd or anything, but I have sooo many characters, I'd rather have a bunch of dolls for them than a bunch of dolls of just Chris and Lucas (as much as I love them :3 ).
    13. Eventually, I plan to get not only Minami (a SD-sized "Yachiru Kusajishi from Bleach reincarnated *and* older), but also a tiny sized Yachiru to represent flashbacks to her former life, her conscience, and quite possibly the spirit of her zanpaktou.

      I also want to do the same thing with Nell the Arrancar ^__^ Because it's really only right that the two most adorable characters in that series have chibi incarnations of themselves :)
    14. I have very weak plans for a grown-up Mittwoch in the future; it would just be a full-sized Chiwoo instead of his current MNF, with not really any modifications and a faceup hopefully done by the same artist that did his small version.
    15. I can't even afford one doll right now, but I already have plans of getting another one after him. And I'm considering getting a "younger" version of the second doll too, and eventually the first one if I get around to it. I dunno yet.
      We'll see once I actually have money.

      Anyway, I don't think it's wierd to buy two of the same/similar dolls to be the same character at different ages.
    16. That is actually a really neat idea, having younger/older or alternate versions of the same character! I sort of tried something like that with Ryo-chan, I had bought a MNF Ari to be her but decided it would be wonderful to have her in SD size. And then the MNF didn't work out anyway so it became a moot point. ^^;

      I don't think I'd ever get/keep two dolls of the same character, but that's mostly because I have plenty of characters that I'd love to put in bodies and not enough $$ for them all as it is! :lol: But if I had only a few characters I wanted to embody as dolls then I could see myself doing it.
    17. I don't think it's strange at all. While I haven't done it, it makes perfect sense to want to have a doll of your character from their earily stages and then one from later on. This is what I would do personally (if I had the money), I would buy a different doll than what the original was and work form there. I think it's more interesting that way and besides, people age so why can't dolls?
      So, after all of my blatheryness, I say go for it and have a blast! I'll be doing it right along side you when I have the time and money to do so! ^_^
    18. As things stand right now, I have a MNF Elf Shiwoo on the way to be my Kisarazu Ryou (from Prince of Tennis), and the vampire head will be modded and given his own body to be Ryou's twin, Atsushi. Little elven tennis boys. lol

      And then I also am seriously thinking about acquiring a BGDoll Sky to be a more mature 'big' Ryou. :)
    19. A planned photostory flashback-to-a-previous-existence is going to kill me. Yes, a MNF will have his previous body "incarnated". I suppose, though, that afterwards, I'll have to find a way to bring it into present time as well, rather than just have a very expensive one-shot sitting in the closet forever.

      And then there's one head that needs two different bodies on an ongoing basis....
    20. If I find the right pouty 8-12" (20-30 cm) elf doll, one character will be taking that body immediately.
      But she will be abandoning her younger body, and letting her littlest sibling be born in it.
      So, it isn't quite the same.

      Ann in CT