Different in Heights

Feb 16, 2010

    1. I plan to get two BJD's, but they're different in height. I'm just curious, do you like your BJD's to be the same height? or not? Especially if you have couples, would you want them to be at equal height? Or do you like one shorter than the other?
    2. actually i do care if they are couples because they will look unbalanced.... but thats just my opinion

    3. I was thinking about that too...it does look a bit unbalanced...but maybe it could be a good thing too?:sweat
    4. It would depend on the height difference to me. If it's a 60cm and a 65cm doll, for instance, that would be different to me than a 70cm doll and a 45cm one in terms of what could look 'weird', but that's just to my eye. A lot of people simply don't care; it's up to you to decide whether you do or not. :)
    5. I actually have plans to make a couple out of an EID (70 cm) and a MA (80 cm)...but the girl is the taller of the two. ^_~
    6. I want all my dolls to be in the igher 60cm range to 70cm. I like the tall ones :) A 60cm doll and a 70cm doll would look weird together as a couple, but if they were just different ages ten that would be ok (and by ages i mean like father/ preteen son kind of thing)
    7. I am stupidly fussy about height. My dolls have to be accurate in character height when standing next to each other. I like my dolls to reflect real life, and so it's important to me.

      It's not very cost effective :<

      As for the couples thing... unbalanced...? Does the girl fall over or something? My BF is shorter than me, and it inspired me to make a couple based around a taller woman; hence Dak is shorter than his wife, Imja.
    8. I like some height difference, it depends on the character's body type. But in general, I'd like all my dolls to be within a reasonable scale of each other. Say like based on age groups for example.
    9. I like to have a range of heights within the same range, like various heights of minis. To me, the difference in head sizes is what can make couples from different size ranges look really odd together. Height differences and body proportions contribute a lot too. Some people are able to pull it off and it works well, but it takes skill to make it not look strange to me in most cases. That said, they're your dolls - you should do what YOU want!
    10. For couples I usually prefer a slight height difference, but it would also depend on the couple/characters. My friends doll is a Delf girl so she's about 57, I'm getting an Abadon so he'll be 63. I think that's a nice difference~ I had a 70 cm doll before and it was a tad freakish next to her delf, but he was also massive in girth too lol. Ages could potentially affect it too.
    11. I think that dolls should be... realistic in terms of height in a couple.

      My dolls are based on my characters, and they must look like they should as described in the stories I write. Riley is a few inches shorter than Jaden, hence, he's not getting a 64cm body also. He'll be on a 62cm body instead. These dolls are taller than average SD, but they're supposed to be short people, which is why the other characters being turned into dolls will be on 70cm bodies.

      I think couples need to look proportionate with each other. An MSD and SD couple may look the same age in separate photographs, but next to each other, one would have the proportions of a child to an adult- not really looking like a realistic couple.
    12. I don't need all of mine to be exactly the same height, but I do like them to look at least proportional to each other, particularly the couples. If they aren't for some reason... be it height, or sculptural style, or head size or whatever... They just look "off" to me, and that's bothersome. It usually results in one or the other of the dolls being replaced.

      My most recent Solar/Lunar pair is driving me absolutely batty, for instance, because one of them (Rowan, a long-legged Soom SG who comes in at close to 70cm wearing his Heliot hooves-) absolutely towers over the other one (Briar Wren, a 57cm CP Delf girl-). They look more like an over-grown 45/60 pair than a couple who are supposed to be the same scale, and it's annoying me.

      Since Rowan's going nowhere, I'm starting to look at an EID version of Wren... 'Gotta have a TALL girl. A shortie just isn't going to cut it with Mister Too-Lanky-For-His-Own-Good. :sweat
    13. I care...but I want them different heights. I want the heights of the dolls to be relative to the heights of the characters they are. It's actually causing me issues in finding a male doll that's the right height and build to go with my RS Mei girl...I NEED her guy to be about 50cm and I NEED him to be rather buff...it's driving me crazy. I'm about to give in and get at small end SD boy and just 'make it work'.
    14. I like to have one taller... I'm not sure why, maybe because it seems a little more realistic than having two dolls with the same height.
    15. Iplehouse's JID boys are 46cm, which is kind of close and they got more buff bodies. Right now they got their realskin sale going on, but I'd guess it depends on what age the are, cause their bodies look more mature, but their faces are really young looking. Or if you get normal skin, you could probably switch out heads.

    16. I have worked really hard to keep the characters within scale for how they related to my first doll, who's a a short guy in their back story, and looks it, standing at 58 cm compared to his parters, who are 60 cm and 62-63 cm tall. I don't think I can push any of the bodies up to 68 or 70 cm if I want to preserve that relationship, even though I prefer the look of some of those bodies. I look first at things like relative scale of head size (which *always* shows up in photoshoots) and second at body height/widths.
      What's been far more difficult about this is finding bodies that are proportional for each doll. Matching character bodies to Minimee heads can be really frustrating.
    17. It's funny...Yumiko and Zetto are just about the same height, maybe Zetto is a little taller, but I get the sense off of him that he really wants to be noticeably taller than Yumiko. So she's mostly got flats to wear, and I got him a huge pair of rock n' roll platform boots. I need to get him a pair of platform creepers or some other kind of non-boot shoe with big thick soles because he's now got a pair of jeans that won't cooperate with his boots. Can a non-living thing have a complex about their height? I've got a BA in Psych and I still can't decide. Oh well. Moar shoes.

      Update: I measured them together. Zetto has about a few millimeters on Yumiko. He's barely taller than she is. She's got a bigger head than he does: Dollfie Dream HDD-03 vs. Obitsu Gretel Old Style. He's considerably taller at the shoulders but the head size balances them out. Again, he's going to need a pair of platform shoes vs. platform boots, and I'm probably going to get Yumiko a pair of Mimiwoo white and silver ballet slippers so she can wear them with her white clothes that she normally wears her Volks white platform Mary Janes with.
    18. I love seeing all sorts of different heights and body types around. My MSD (mature type) and SD (68cm) are a couple, of sorts anyways. There is a whole backstory to their height differences, shortly being that they started as entirely different alien races before one became the other's race, which are capable of shape shifting. My MSD is used to being on the small side and is generally from a delicate race, and my SD is used to being on the large side. Generally, on drawing my MSD, she is a good bit shorter than most human women, while my SD is going to look much taller than most men. *shrugs*
      I don't know what I'll do for the human population of my stories if I doll-them. Hmm...I need to do some more ratio math.
    19. It depends on the characters involved. I'm looking mostly to collect MSDs, and it mostly doesn't matter, but there's one couple I want to dollify where one half is significantly taller than the other (and, really, probably everyone else around him...), so for him I'm looking at a Junior Delf. Still shorter than most SDs (which is good for me), but taller than the other dolls on my list.

    20. Since real people vary in height, I don't see why anyone should expect their dolls to be all the same height, even if they are couples. I know real couples with huge differences in their heights.

      Different scales can/does bother me sometimes. Regular minis can work as younger than regular "SD" size, but slim mini's generally have more mature build/look so look out of scale with bigger dolls, for example.

      EDITED TO ADD: Different races being in different scales, however, doesn't bother me - humans and elves (or other fey/mythical or whatever races), for example, I wouldn't necessarily expect them to be similar scales.