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"Different" Travel Situation Help?

Jul 9, 2015

    1. So my friend and I were talking about traveling with our dolls. Being in a car is fine, we've each worked out how to do air travel with all size dolls, etc. But, she uses a scooter for her primary form of travel now. We were talking about safe ways to transport dolls on a scooter. She has a big plastic box on the back of the scooter but it's black and can get hot. I suggested a backpack but that's all I had :(

      I'm really curious because I was also thinking of getting a scooter (it's cheaper than a car). But I still want to do doll stuff.
    2. I wonder if a cool bag would be enough to counteract the heat in the box... I don't know enough about how they work to say for sure, but that's the first thing that came to mind. Otherwise, backpacks is probably the way to go :/
    3. I have traveled with a doll in a motorcycle saddle bag. He was MSD size, and it was an all day trip. I wrapped him in a doll sleeping bag with a little extra bubble wrap on his hands and face, and he did just fine. The temperatures at the time were warm, but not terribly hot. I would assume leaving the doll in a hot bike/scooter box would be about equal to leaving one in a hot car while parked. I think a cooler or emergency blanket would be a good idea, but I still wouldn't leave the doll in the box for many hours on a seriously hot day.
    4. I drive a motorcycle as well as a Can-Am Spyder RT. I second the thermal blankets suggested by Victoria. Even though my front, side and top trunks don't heat up that much I always use some sort of extra measure to protect them from the heat. If it's not a thermal blanket, I use the cooling vest which I 'borrow' from my partner. I always put the doll in a backpack along with the cooling item and then put the bag in the trunk. I've been known to use regular ice/cold packs wrapped in towels to keep the doll cool as well when it's really hot. If you have access to electricity on your scooter then I can also recommend cooling blankets.

      Cheapest option would be a regular backpack with plenty of ventilation to be honest. Do keep in mind if you happen to fall over or accidents happen that you might land on your backpack harming the BJD inside.
    5. Also if you use a backpack make sure you fasten the zippers together so they can't come apart. One of my friends was transporting her dolls via backpack on a motorcycle and the bag came open...
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    6. EEEEK!!!! *passes out* I can't imagine the horror, especially with how much these dolls cost. Just the thought! I think I might stick with taking them in a car but I'll pass the suggestions on to my scooting friend.

      The backpack stories scare me! o_O