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Nov 10, 2019

    1. They're finally on topic, so here we goooooo!

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      Soooo, who else here ordered one of the adorable puppy girls, Ponta, Rena, and Saki, by Digidolls? :D
      I was intrigued the first time I saw the printed pink prototype, and once I laid eyes upon Rena's adorable blep I was fully smitten and just had to bring one home!
      Ordered my Rena in brown skin and just paid her layaway off yesterday! Her wig and eyes are also on their way and I can't wait to see how everything goes together~

      What are your plans for your doggos? :aheartbea
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    2. They're darling! This is the first I've heard of them so I missed them.
    3. Wow, what a unique sculpt. I really love the body build. Definitely stands out, and it appeals to me more than the standard shapes you see elsewhere. Such dynamic shapes look fun to pose with! Gonna have to keep an eye on these.

      Be sure to share lots of pictures once you get your pup!
    4. I hope this is okay to bring back to life o3o I'm getting a secondhand Ponta sometime next month or late this month! I sadly have not seen the puppy girls floating around anywhere and I hope that will change! They are too precious to not post about!
    5. Like Swifty, I hope it’s okay if I bring this thread back to life haha (I really hope it gets more active! These pups deserve more love). I just placed an order for the current preorder of puppy girls! I’m getting a lilac Ponta.

      I have a question though. On the website, it says these pups take 18-20mm eyes. I have a pair of 16mm eyes with 18mm irises that I would like to use in my girl. Does anyone know if 16mm eyes could work? Or would they be too gappy?
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    6. I'm excited about this second preorder! I ordered Ponta and Rena in brown and cream skin 'cause I couldn't decide :D Preorder ends august 15th I believe!
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    7. Ordered a white bunny couple of months ago, can't wait for her to come.
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      Anyone else was lucky to get one?