DIKA Doll discussion

Jan 7, 2010

    1. Is there no one else as smitten with Zura as I am?

      Now the wait to save all my pennies. :sigh
    2. I am selling my Ippo to get Zura!! HE is SOOOOOO HOTT!!! I can't wait to see how the body poses!
    3. I love Zura but I am also smitten with the vampire!
    4. The vampire is also a cutie! I like how his fangs aren't too close together like most dolly vampires.
    5. So what does everyone think of the new Dikadoll 70cm boys? :D

      I think that Barrett is insanely pretty. And Adler is, well - kind of craggy and masculine. Not a typical beauty, but that just makes me like him all the more. LOL! His default face-up in the promo pics is nice, but something tells me he'd be truly stunning if one of the artists on DOA worked their magic on him.
    6. I think the DKdoll default faceups suit their dolls better than most I see, but I agree about Adler, A DOA artist could really bring him to life!
    7. I am going to follow this thread along also. I was thinking of adding Rubber but would wanted a doll with a 70cm body but really like his head . Any suggestions? I would love to hear from someone regarding how well they pose? I saw a box opening posted recently and am hoping for comments.
    8. Zura is a total hottie! :D I'd love to add him to my crew!

      Oh why, oh why did I make that New Years Resolution to cut back on dolls this year?!!! (I may have to break my resolution for Zaru! :love)

      Im sorry I missed the Christmas Event sale.
    9. i know, right? Not that I had the money anyway. At this rate I'll be able to buy him in 2 years. >.<
    10. I am a total newbie, and I thought I would stick to my On-Order Mei --- Until I saw Zura..... He reminds me of Gackt, dollified, actually. But I have no space for a 70 inch doll! Nor the budget!! Waaaaaa!

      And now he haunts me. Maybe just the head? Even just on a broomstick? :nowords:
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    11. I had to. :daisy

      ~points to sig and runs to broom-closet~
    12. LOL! You are too funny!

      Congrats on ordering Zura's head! He's so majorly cute! I can hardly wait to see him when you get him, even if it's only his head.

      Do you plan to get the Dika body later? Or another body from a different company?
    13. hahhaha thank you! Yes, I was thinking maybe he would fit on the Dika 61 cm body just as well, as the neck girth is the same and the 61 doll head size almost identical, but I am so new at this I have no clue... It seemed to make sense to me but I asked the sales person in a pm and she replied it would only fit the 73 cm.

      Maybe someone else will have some input on that down the line.
      BUT! He is too pretty to live in a broom closet, aye. So now I will scrounge and scrape pennies for a body. I ordered him in Natural Yellow skin. Their body looks nice but holy moly that's a truckload of pennies! Ideally, yes though. The Dika body. One Day!
      They say that their natural yellow colour matches Volks Natural but I googled Volks and think their bodies are vinyl? Which seems odd. Maybe I am wrong, what do I know.
      In retrospect maybe i should stick to a broomstick?:lol:

      Oh he's pretty though!!!! :cheer I will photograph that blank head up one side and down the other. Let me know if you prefer specific settings. I live fairly close to the Bronx Zoo. ;)
    14. << >> ...I'm not a big fan of the DK body...but I'm oh so completely in love with their new Jose sculpt. D: The faceup they gave him really brings the doll to life, and I love how he doesn't have giant eyes, or incredibly wide eyes, like most dolls. T_T I want that head...
    15. Do they sell just the head of Jose? and does one yellow tone regular resin match to volks?
      I think Jose would make a great girl!
    16. My blank Zura head in Yellow Skin arrived today.
      There are no words to describe the level of awesome. :D

      I am trying to give him a face up, only my second one ever, I just did Mei, my first ever, yesterday.... So wish me luck. ;) Thank goodness for Acetone? :dance

      In any event, if/when I feel it's become decent enough to show to polite company, I'll post pics.

      It's a HUGE head! HUGE! Of course I only have the Mei for comparison....
    17. Using acetone should be done with caution. Aside from that, I am excited to see your Zura! He is gorgeous!
    18. Oh my yes, thank you, and I will be very very careful! So far I've not yet had to use any ~crosses fingers~
      Back to painting! :D so fun!
    19. Picture, please? :D