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Dika Doll - pet doll discussion

Sep 12, 2010

    1. Is the doll only availlable in Normal skin or will she be availlable in white?
      Also I can;t find the pet anywhere on the website.
    2. It's available in normal yellow, normal pink, white.
      Also tan, grey skin.
      We'll upload the page later.
    3. Thank you :) mmm grey I already have a Pipos Charlotte in grey.maybe she needs a little girl... will the doll be limited? or is she intended to be there a long time?
    4. Does she come with the outfit, or is that an optional extra?
    5. acexkeikai, she is not limited, but if you order during the event you can get the discount price^^Charlotte is very lovely lady!! my friend got her, too, she is soooooo adorable!!

      rhiella, she comes without the outfit, and we don't sell the outfit now, maybe later^^
    6. I got Tuantuan a few months ago in gray and love her!
    7. MianMian is off-topic for den of angels it cannot be discussed or photographed by itself.