New Doll Dika doll: Valkyrie&Chitose

Aug 2, 2016

    1. New 73cm Valkyrie&Chitose, 430$
      Fullsets, clothes,wig etc. - available
      12% off DikaDoll dolls in till 08-30 (for limited dolls too,no paypal fee)

      DikaDoll as well as others bjd brands you also can order from [​IMG]

      70CM Senior Valkyrie- 73cm Dika Doll Boy.

      Skin type:
      a. Normal Yellow
      b. Normal Pink
      c. White
      d. Pure white
      e. Grey or Tan skin(doll+$70/head+$35)

      Accessories price
      a. make-up:-$60--
      b. Clothes:$207 Include:Top clothes *1 Leggings * 1 Pleated skirt * 1
      Belt*1 Cloak * 1 hat *1
      c. Shoes:$31
      d. wig:$31
      e. jointed hands: $79
      f. regular hands:$20

      $430(70cm Ver.1 male body) The Price Includes:
      Basic Doll
      Eyes (Random Color)
      Birth Card
      Cotton Cushion
      Please see different verions of body here.
      He is with 70cm Ver.3 male body in the pictures .
      This doll's head can sale alone.the price is $108.

      ::::official reference ::::
      eyes size:14mm
      wig size:20-22cm/8-9inch