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DIKADOLL Jointed Hands Discussion

Aug 6, 2009

    1. I kept seeing so many questions on the thread that had already been answered by the Agent Catas so i thought here would be a better place to start talking about them.

      This is my first discussion post, so Mods please sort me out if i've mucked up.
    2. Reserved for resin matches and Info, will edit later

      Currently the jointed hands are for dolls that have SD13 sized hands.
      This would probably mean that 60cm dolls with smaller hands might need their upcoming female ones to fit the wrist joint

      They are working on larger sized and female hands

      Resin Matches: (going on their photos and my computer screen)

      Normal pink
      Other Company
      Dollzone Normal pink, would probably match AoD as well, as it's close

      Normal yellow
      Other company
      Looks like Souldoll is a little peachier, possibly a good match to b&g yellow

      Other company
      Looks like the white is a true paper white so most very white resins would match

      Unsure which of their colours they used for SDF and Delf so can't really comment.
      Hands will be wrapped safely for transit.

      Personally i like them more than the Soom jointed hands and they have a lovely shape.
    3. just putting my 2 cents here..... now i have not seen the Dikadoll hands, but i do have the Soom jointy hands.... what i can tell you about those is that they are made to fit Mecha Angel or Super Gem.... but, recently me, and a friend put them on a Volks Michelle, they fit and look fine. the size and the color "NS"..... also, for people who are concerned that they would not come strung.... Soom has changed their hands from pre-strung to a kit. so when you get the hands you have to string them your self.... they are surprisingly simple to string.... it's like sewing, you just go in and out the holes from say the pinky to the thumb (hard to explain) the only thing that is time consuming, is that the elastic gets frayed on the end and is hard to fit through the holes. i would not let the stringing scare you off.... we do not know if they will be strung or unstrung yet.
    4. I´d like to know if any of both NS colors match with Iplehouse NS. I´d love buy these hands for my future SooRi.
    5. Personally, I don't like the look of them (they look too stubby) but that's just my opinion. I'm glad that another company is giving it a go tho ^_^ I wish other companies would.
    6. i love the long nails option they offer, but im waiting to see more resin comparisons.
    7. yeah i want to get my 70cm DZ a pair pf pink normal and maybe a pair of yellow normal for another doll, i have a few i can resin match but i won't be getting any for a little while
    8. I've ordered three pairs! I like them a lot, I own 4 pairs of soom hands and they are neat, but I like that there is now more options, more slender hands and also 'femenine' ones!
    9. I still haven't found an answer to the question (in the other thread but it wasn't me who asked) whether it matches DOD Pink resin (particularly the more recent pink, around 2008, if possible :)) or not... :(

      Thanks in advance!
    10. I want to see more for decide
    11. I'm very happy that there are more options now. I think these hands will be perfect for some of my dolls that don't match the Soom resin.
    12. DoD resin seems to vary between very pink and slightly less so. I wouldn't be able to say for sure, maybe you should look and see if there's a comparison between DZ pink and DoD on the forum?
    13. Do Dream of Doll fit to the hand of normal pink skin? And how do you pay?
    14. I'm actually wondering how the hands with nails would look on a Supergem girl. I realize they're made for 60cm boys but the hands don't look overly boyish and... well Supergem girl hands are kind of boyish, at least to me. I've been spoiled by the dainty CP girl hands.

      I'm assuming that'd just be a "try it and see" thing, which is why I'm hesitant. If they didn't work for that doll I'd be selling them since they wouldn't really work for my other bw dolls.
    15. I ordered a pair for my BW Delf as he really needs clenched fists, which I can't seem to get by bending fingers! I doubt I'll be too bothered if the resin doesn't match, as he wears sleeves mostly anyway! :) I think they're awesome-looking hands.

      ETA: Just looked and I didn't make the first GO list! You people are fast! I PM-ed as soon as I saw the thread, which was not long after it went up! :lol:
    16. LOL @ xredderz
      I wanted to think about it, so I didn't put in for a pair until last night right as soon as I got home from work...so I was really too late for the first order, I guess. XD I suppose my name is on the list for the second group order, but I haven't gotten a PM back about that....
      The long nailed hands are perfect for a character of mine...I was thinking I was going to have to get Soom hands and mod nails onto them, and now I don't have to! :D
    17. dannnggggg =/ I thought i got to it fast but I got on the second list too..well crap. Guess that gives me more time to build the savings. oh well. I was so excited lol. ^^ Can't wait to see the first pictures! We should make a post in the BJD-opedia or whatever, when they arrive!
    18. over on the Joint i've seen some jointed hands and i love the way these are strung/constructed.
      I'd have such a headache trying to sculpt anything like this!
      The long nail ones are lovely and sinister, perfect for a very snide evil character....
    19. OMg thats just too amazing!
      Theyre with long nails and there cheaper then SOOM!
      *very happy is*
      My Ark definitely needs one pair ^___________^
    20. Oh! Seems that I did get on the first, as I got a PM asking for payment. I'm not on either list though. :sweat