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DikaDoll Tiny dolls

Jun 24, 2010

    1. I haven't seen anyone with these yet, but they are so adorable!
      I got my Peach today. She's a little bit bigger than a Pukipuki.
      She came with two extra pairs of hands.
      More pictures to come, but I was in a hurry today. :D
    2. Oh my word. Thank you so much for posting that picture, AuraFae.

      Did you order her from MoC? I stumbled upon Peach yesterday and fell hard. :XD: I'd love to see more owner pictures of your girl! There aren't many floating around... she's ADORABLE! :D
    3. OMG!!! I fell in love with Peach at 1st sight!!She's just crazily adorable! (Propably the cutest 1/16 doll i've ever seen!!) :D
      Thanks soooo much for posting up your cutie's pics to share with us!
      May i know whether her pose is good? How's the quality & her joins structure? :3
      I hope you can help me so i can get her in future ^^
    4. Oh, holy goodness:D:D:D She is just about the cutest thing ever!:aheartbea Please please spam us with more of this wee baby, she is too adorable! I have been hemming and hawing about her but that face is too sweet to resist! Please do show us more!
    5. I've been gone for awhile guys, my mom came to visit, and offered to take me back to MI for awhile so I could visit with some old friends! . Her posing is okay, her arms seem to want to do their own thing, but she needs restringing, and I think that will fix that. I'm waiting on some new string from dikadoll.
      Her joints are great. She can sit in some really cute poses, stand like a rock, and even stand on one leg. (even my minifee couldn't do that, but I might just suck at posing)
      She def. needs 6mm eyes in my opinion as the 8mm eyes show no white at all. I have to get my camera out and take some pictures, though. :)

      Just a warning though, she's kind of an odd size. Shes really close to the size of a pukipuki, but yet not.
      She can wear eightl0ngmonths clothing for pukipuki and LWSP okay, but the pants are tight. Kelly clothes are way too small, and forget the shoes. The length is right, but shes got fat feet. Strawberry shortcake shoes by bandai fit, but you will have to cut a slit in the back for easy removal, otherwise you'll think you'll never get them off. I did the blowdryer trick. Her resin is really nice, too.
    6. Thanks for sharing your experiences, AuraFae. :)

      Anyone happen to know what size wig these kiddos wear? I'm guessing 4" or 3-4"?
    7. Seriously? No one has one of these little ones? :...(

      If you do, please post your experiences! Please don't be shy! :)
    8. I have to say I just LOVE the rabbit boy!
      I already liked the tiny girl but this rabbit just stole my heart!
      I must resist tinies :lol:
    9. I was wondering if there was an official discussion thread for these tinies. Glad to see there is one now. I'm torn between wanting to order Bobby and trying to refrain x__x
    10. Blanca is just amazing.. what a gorgeous mouth! I love doll teeth:aheartbea
    11. Bobby is sooooo cute! I am planning to get one for myself^0^
    12. I'm totally getting the little boy version of Bobby, I'm with you guys on this, I can't resist him anymore, so tiny, so cute! :atremblin
    13. :XD: He's got his hooks in you! I can't wait to see the wee lad when he arrives. Be sure and spam him here so we can see:D
    14. How could I not? Haha I will I will.
    15. Are there comparison pics of the 1/12 tiny dolls with any of the other sizes on the Dikadoll site? Or has anyone taken any? I'm intrigued by these little guys.
    16. I will get Bobby at the beginning of next year. He is sooooo cute. ^^

      It's a pity, that Dikadoll has no clothes for 1/12 ... Can anyone help me to find fitting clothes for him? All clothes I found are too small or too large ... :(
    17. WEll I ordered my Bobby finally, and am expecting to receive him sometime in February! I'll be sure to update and get pictures for requests out! If anyone has a tiny what size eyes do these little guys wear?
    18. look for puki puki coths they should fit a 1/12 doll
    19. The body size of these guys according to measurements (dika's measurements vs pukifee and puki measurements from fairyland seeing as I have none of the above) is right between a pukipuki and a pukifee I'm sure somethings would be okay but they have these really round little bellies so some puki things might just wind up too small. Pukifee's are taller though so I'm sure some things would be a bit big. I might just have to run to joanns and pick up some cute little boy print fabrics and make my own. I'll be sure to post anything interesting I might come up with....I'm still wondering what size wigs to order for my little guy XD. When I receive him I'll be sure to take him to a meet and ask to compare him to both a puki and puki fee for everyone and snap some pictures. :)
    20. They are quite a bit larger than a Puki. You can get SOME stretchy things to kind of work, but not really well. I used 8mm eyes in my girl (I've long since rehomed her), and a size 4 wig fit perfectly. :) Hope that helps.