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DIM Discontinued Dolls Announcement

Nov 2, 2006

    1. There's a new announcement on dimdoll.com:::

      Dear Customers,

      We have decided to discountinue the following dolls.

      We have these models in stock for some quantity and when this stock is gone, there will be no more production for those models.

      * EUNBI

      * BELITA

      * PERSIA

      If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact me.

      Thank you


    2. Discussion has been moved here.

      -- A :)
    3. The link doesn't work for me. Where did it go? I serached the forums and couldn't find it! x_x

      Belita is such a pretty doll. I'm glad I could snatch one up before I could never get one again.
    4. Clicking on the "here" to find the moved discussion only brings a window that says:

      No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator.
    5. Edited my post -- the new link should work. Sorry about that, I created a new thread for discussion, but the forum seems to have eaten it!

      Thanks for letting me know that the link was broken!

      -- A <3
    6. Dear Customers,

      Thank you very much for your love on our dolls.

      Our D.I.M Happy models(Odelia & Marianne) will be discontinued.

      However, We have some inquiries for those models from customers.

      So we have decided to take limited orders from 10th.November (at 10:00 A.M )to 13th.November(Korea Time)

      During the days, Customers can order those two models for Pre-order as last time.

      And the quanitity is very Limited so it can be possible that the quantity will be sold out sooner.

      If you want to order D.I.M Happy Odelia and Marianne, Please don't miss this last time.

      After that, those lovely two models will be gone forever.

      Of course, we will have new models coming this year and next year.

      Thank you very much for your love and support on D.I.M Doll.

      We will do our best to serve you better.


      Denny / D.I.M doll

      Aww I really wanted a Marianne :(