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DIM Doll Celebrity MiniMee

Apr 28, 2007

    1. Taken from site

      Delivery : 60 days after getting your photos & Payment.
      Customer make up : Add 15days

      *For Celebrity : Extra cost 50$(Maximum 80%)

      Dear Customer,

      If you are interested in ordering a celebrity BJD.

      I cannot guarantee the over 80% resemblance.
      And I don't want to take very sophisticated requests on minimee.
      For example, Make the eyes like this photo, the lip is for this photo etc on.
      I am very sure that the customer, who reqests much, will be disappointed at the end becuase their expectation is too high.

      we can make minimee like maximum 80% or less resemblance, but We can't do the same as photos.
      We do make minimee in that price range(380$ to 430$). So if your expectation is too high, that should go over a thousand dollar.

      In addition, Please do not send many photos of different look.
      We only need several front(Including close-up), both sides(45 degree) nd sides photos only.

      Thank you very much.

    2. Wonder why he changed his mind about celebrities?
    3. I´m not sure if it would be legal to make a doll which resembles a celibrity fully. It could be seen as merchandise and because the stars/bands e.t.c don`t get any money, Danny could get in trouble. If it`s just 80% resemblance this shouldn`t be a problem.
    4. Remember, though, that you can't copyright a face.