DiM (Doll in Mind) Mini Discussion Part 5

Nov 17, 2016

    1. This is a discussion thread for DIM (Doll in Mind) Happy Mini sized dolls.

      Feel free to ask questions about posing doll, new bodies.
      Sizes of clothes, wigs, eyes, shoes that fit. ETC.

      More info about dolls:
      D.I.M - Doll in Mind ball jointed doll

      DiM (Doll in Mind) Happy Mini Wiki:

      DIM Happy Benetia Photos thread:

      DiM Odelia with U-noa Sist... Body Resin comparison:

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    2. Yay! Will supply thread inauguration spam as soon as my girls come home :D
    3. Hey everyone! Sorry for the silly question as I already have the doll in question, but I'm unable to measure him at this time :doh So would someone be able to tell me what size wig Luria wears? 6-7 or 7-8? If I recall correctly his head is bigger than Larina/Laia who take the smaller wigs, but still smaller than Jullis/Alpon who take the bigger wigs. Eep!
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    4. I love those colours! :D
    5. Ooooh love the picture! Love the colours and the composition of the shot! <3
    6. Awwwww, thank you! <3
      Thank you, too @Jany ! ^_^
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    7. Did anyone buy with their last sale event? I saw the announcement saying that the doll doesn't come with a box and I am curious how are they going to ship the dolls?? I asked but they didn't reply that part of my question. ( ;_; )
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    8. for my order, which included unstrung bodies, everything was in bubble wraps. the shipping box was sized correctly or well-padded or both - it wasn't memorable in a bad or odd way if that make sense?
    9. Thank you! I was afraid they are just gonna chuck them haphazardly in a random box or bubbled envelope. I wished I could have the DIM box too but oh well.
    10. Hey all! New thread!

      Would anyone be able to do a comparison of Larina in 12mm eyes vs. 14mm eyes? I would greatly appreciate it!
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    11. May as well ask in this thread too, since someone else last thread was also wondering;

      What size eyes does Flowne wear?

      I also wanted to know what wig size is best for her. The website says her head it about 18.3cm which is just barely over 7 inches so I'm not sure if I should get a 6-7 or a 7-8 for her.
    12. 12 is more better, 14 is tooo big
    13. Hello, I have recently bought a Gayane head and I'm looking for a body that will fit.
      I want to make her very tomboyish so I'm looking for a less petite body, small bust if possible, and I was wondering if you guys knew anything that would work.
      Thanks in advance :)
    14. As far as I know, Dollstown bodies fit. Both the 7yr and Elf work for Annabeth (can't remember whose pics I saw, but they were awesome enough for me to want that exact hybrid at some point) and her and Gayane are similar in size.
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    15. Hi! I just bought a Benetia, and the body included seems to be the glamorous one. I asked if it would be possible to have the less mature one instead, but apparently it wasn't :( I guess I'll have to find someone to mod her chest to fit the character properly. Anyway! Does anyone know where to find clothes which fits the glamorous body? I'm assuming the slim MSD clothes won't fit. I've been looking at Dollmore's MSD clothes but I'm unsure about the fit.
    16. The Dollmore kid body had a quite small bust, to that might work. I know that the resin matches well, too.
    17. I can show a DIM on a Dollmore or Dollzone body later next week if that would help.
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    18. I saw a video that showed a DIM Larina head on a Doll Leaves body that the owner said was a good match. Doll Leaves has a girl body with a small bust (saw it on Denver Doll).
    19. Does anyone know where to get clothes for the Happy Glamorous body - mostly tops. I purchased a Larina and I would like to have a few things ready for her. Also the website says she would wear a 7/8 wig but I read in this thread that she takes a smaller size - which is the best fit? Any help would be greatly appreciated!