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DIM Elena

Jun 4, 2007

    1. Announcement here!

      Ohhhhh dear. That face is telling me that I'm not going to be able to afford to buy clothes or guinea pig toys for a while. :...( I don't normally gravitate towards girls that aren't Elfdoll, but Elena's face is perfect for a muse of mine.

      So, who wants to buy for my 19th birthday (which happens to be in August)? :doh

      Oh, and Silf, the new 14cm girl. Not too keen on the teeny dolls - MSD is usually already pushing it for me.
    2. Oh wow, Elena is just beautiful! <3<3 She's definitely on my wishlist. ^o^
    3. Hi ~~ YES ! We are going to release 3 new sweet dolls.(25cm high)
      And the body is new one as well with great pose possiblity.
      The body is sexless.

      Thanks ~!
    4. She's very beautiful, and I don't know why but she reminds me of a grown Bambicrony Kumi somehow...hmmm, silf is soooo cute too, DIM girls and boys are getting more and more beautiful!!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    5. My DIM Marianne has a large chest with like torpedo boobies. *_* I can't recall how thin she is though :sweat
    6. I think she's closer o unoa, she has same chest zize with MNF too and dollzone girl so...Yeah that one is BC Kumi not Elena, I just thought that they look alike, like sisters or like they are grown or child versions of a same doll, they somehow look alike in the eyes....
    7. She reminds me of a mini Flora ^^ Totally beautiful~ I am so incredibly tempted haha.

      Can't wait to see the other tinies too!
    8. TwT .......Oh god..you're not the only one...I usually don't fall for girls....
      and ...gahhhhhhhhwwwwwwww......

      she's just so cute >/////////////<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    9. On the site it says they won't be shipping until August...? So you could order Elena now but you'd just have to wait until the end of August to get her? =/ Does DIM do custom faceups?

      Gack. Every time I find I doll I like, and I think I've decided, I find another one that makes me question my decision. TT_TT Pretty dollies cause me such angst...
    10. *Twitches* Holy CRAP.
      That Elena doll is ADORable!! Oh my... I think I must have her. And the little silf! rarely have a I seen a tiny SO cute! New wishlist additions!
    11. I order DIM - Silf, I think she so cute. I in love with her. My mother thinks she cute too, which is good because she doesn't like Timothy-Christopher. But she kind of likes Veronica.
    12. She is so cute! Does anyone have a DIM Elena? Would love to see pics!
    13. Hi, I just got your PM and will post some pics this weekend ;)
    14. Thanks so much aquaspiral! I have a DIM Andrea too! Isn't he awesome?! I am trying to descide between a DIM Elena or Flora.
    15. When I saw Elena, I about toppled over myself. She's so cute and a MSD! I really like Cordelia and Elena looks a great deal like her, but as someone previously stated, a lot cuter! :D I'm really debating on having her as my third doll (though that'll be awhile down the road - I still have to get my second one). XD;
    16. I was at Dolls and Friends yesterday and got to see an Elena in person. VERY tempting!!! <3

      But the new skintone is *so* pink... she's not much less pinker than Bambicrony's Misty Rose!!!

      But then someone said, "hey she'd make a cute flower fairy"

    17. Hi! Sorry it took me so long to take pictures of my DIM Elena. Her name is Momoko (we call her Momo for short). The one on the bottom is with her default wig from her box opening pictures (I still haven't posted them :doh )

      (this was her default wig)

      Let me know if you want more pics ^_^ She likes having her picture taken.
    18. oh!!! She is adorable! She looks like my Cordelia's little sister. I love her pink wig and cute pouty lips!
      In some of the photos her lips look very orange...but yours look more pink. I like her default faceup but not orange-y lips. Are they more pink in real life??
    19. She so cute!! Thanks so much for posting the pics!! I am going to have such a hard time deciding between her and Flora!
    20. Hi! Thank you so much! I think her lips are still a bit orange-y pink, versus a reddish pink. They are more pink than her image on the DIM site (not as orange-y), but I still think they are still orange. Here is a picture of her with no wig, and her default brown eyes so it may give you a better idea of her lip color w/o distractions:sweat