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DIM Honey Vanilla

Nov 2, 2006

    1. A few days ago, I noticed that information about the first 14cm DIM doll, Honey Vanilla, had appeared on the DIM web site:


      She is very cute, but I'm not sure I like the looks of her joints... I am, however, seriously thinking of having one come to live with my other tinies.

      Has anybody ordered one of these? I know that Denver Doll Emporium is planning to carry them. (They have a slot for them on theri web site, but no ordering information yet.) I would love to see real life pics when they start to arrive!

      :daisy :daisy
    2. I think I saw a DOA member post some pics somewhere.....maybe the gallery ;)

      I was going to ask about them yesterday, but didn't get a chance. The eyes are very sweet, but they look as if they sit too far back in the head or is it just me?
    3. she is a sweetie isnt she
      my list of tinys that I want to live with me is getting larger and larger !

      I agree with Hillbilly , there is something about the eyes
      but I think she would look better with Masterpeice or if thery werent glareing right at you
    4. Oh CUTE , I dont know how I missed her
    5. Eeek, she's so much cuter than on the website! This is bad! >_<
    6. I really, really want one. Vanilla is just precious.
    7. Gosh she's adorable. Reminds me a little of Volks SD Susuna with those big eyes. Also Dollshe Moon. Gosh I really like this little one. Can't do it now though, saving for my Narin...squeeee.
    8. I think thats why ,I like her so much
      Im tending to go towards more styalised features at the momment

      I would love to do her face-up
    9. flutterbywings - thanks for sharing the links to the pics elsewhere in the forum. She has captured me totally! We'll see about the eyes - is it just that she has such big eyes? She comes with 10mm eyes, while my other tinies have 6mm and 8mm peepers.

      Denver Doll Emporium now has her available for preorder, and I have ordered mine. I hope to have her in a couple of weeks! :)

    10. Awww! It's no trouble, I still had the pages open for my own use. :) I think she's just adorable. It's probably good I can't afford another doll right now, cause I'd be in serious trouble over this little one...

      I can't wait to see yours! Please post pictures when she arrives!
    11. I have one but I think I'm a little late because this thread is old and they are out of stock...I wish I could've seen this sooner...

      -Jessie :)
    12. I dont think she is available now ?
      but if you can get one they are lovely
      I do like my little LadyBug ..she has such character
    13. she has very odd eyes doesnt she? They are so deepset, so much of the inner eyelid shows..
    14. It looks like Dolls and Friends still has one in stock, see here:

      They really are adorable little dolls. I love my Dandelion dearly.
    15. A lot of doll makers - seemingly to be many Korean ones- have the deeper eyewells. An eye beveling tool- which is a round ball of sandpaper-texture on a stick- would thin that out so the eyes could sit closer to the surface. She'd be adorable with a few minutes work. The way her eye-rim is painted with lashes only emphasizes that thickness.
    16. the name is adorable
    17. got to admit her eyes arnt as bad in real life
      I have her in 12mm gumdrop eyes , they fit wonderfully and you dont notice the rim at all
    18. I dont really like the eyes of her
    19. My vanilla, now known as Ani.


      -Jessie :)