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DIM love body & minimee body difference?

Mar 31, 2009

    1. hello!

      what is the difference between the minimee body & the DIM love body?

      is it just the resin color?

      thanks. :)
    2. does anyone know?
    3. I've always thought they were exactly the same body, or rather DiM decided to use the Love line boy body for the Minimee project. I don't know about there being any resin color differences.:sweat Not much help am I?
    4. Yes, they are exactly the same sclupt - DIM has said so. However they have different resin colors - Minimee is yellower and doesn't match the regular love dolls' color.
    5. thank you both!

      and thanks smaug - just making sure. :)
    6. I think the resin quality may be cheaper on the minimees because of the price difference but i find the resin to be lovely... I know the colour is different and the NS matches me WS migidoll ryu...

    7. Answers from DIM.
    8. I have a question... Why is the Minimee body so much less than the Love body? They're the same size aren't they? According to the site, the Minimee's are 61cm and Loves are 61cm too... I know there's a skin difference...

      I'm looking for a body for a Tan Miho head... I know SDF is an ok match but theyre real expensive...
    9. Do Minimees come in Tan? The bodies I have are NS which match Iplehouse normal, not Luts, and Senior Delf Bodies come in their own pinkier version of Luts Normal--I've never seen a tan one.
      I believe the Minimee bodies are cheaper because the resin is not as fine-grained, they feel a bit more like 'action figures" on a big scale. I love the sculpt, though. And yes, it's the same sculpt as the Love body, it's just the color that is different (the DIM bodies are pinker).
    10. I was told that the Minimee bodies are made in a different factory with a less expensive resin type. That's why the Minimee body while being the same mold/sculpt as the regular DiM Love body is also a different color.

      A local friend of mine has a tan Mano and I can't see how either the Senior Delf normal skin tone or DiM Love body in either color will match that. Neither company makes a tan color. :?
    11. Tan miho does ntot match senior delf or minimee. resin type B NS miho matches the two. Tan miho matches Domuya tan decently and volks sunlgiht, I believe?