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DiM Love boys - Galahad & Edmon

Nov 22, 2007

    1. I made this discussion thread for the new DIM boys- as they are simply precious!!! :D :D :D

      EDIT::: I wonder if they will be avaliable in White Skin in the future?
    2. I adore them, that vampire elf is so damn gorgeous. Not on my list, but wow.
    3. I am totally in love with Galahad. I wish I could get that boy now. . .

      I've never ordered from DIM doll. . . they're really giving away another head with him (and Edmon)?

      Gah, I wish I had money. . .
    4. Oh my gawd! :o
      Edmon looked like me when i was younger... guess i don't have to request them for a minimee... :doh

      must buy... buy... buy... zzzzz... argh!
    5. Guuuuu Edmon looks like Byron's older brother, who I've been wanting too. It says 2008 new resin, is that the pinker tone of the Minimees now I wonder? The last several groups off dolls have only been offered in one standard colour, so I doubt they'll add white later. If it's the same as the Leisha I just got, it's a very pale with pink-tone; it would make a good vampire or whatever! Ordering from DIM was totally easy too, and Dennis responds right away to questions.
    6. I honestly can't decide if i like Galahad or Edmon the best.. They are both so stunning...and those lips are beautiful!!! It does make me a little sad that quite a few doll companies seem to stick to one skin tone only these days (normal skin tone)- as i collect white dolls only.
    7. Well, Edmon's going on my wishlist now...

      He's georgeous, I like his young and girly face, but with smaller eyes that suggest he's older than he looks.
    8. I don't know why I don't have a DIM doll, they have some nice dolls. I love Galahad.
    9. Gah, they are both gorgeous! I love the DIM sculpts.
    10. Oh dear. Gallahad is... going on my wishlist, I fear...

      I want to see a shot of him with no wig. Seriously. Those ears are incredible, from what I can see. And a vampire who's not sleepy looking! So wonderful.

      I think it's a very good thing my kids don't know about inheritances quite yet ;)
    11. I want a better shot at those ears as well. I've never particularly wanted a vampire doll, but pointy ears are my weakness.

      They are both gorgeous. I must create a spot for at least one of them on my wishlist.
    12. Oh how lovely! I love Edmon, in some shots he looks innocent and in other shots he looks secretive...both are such beautiful sculpts! :D :D :D
    13. Ohhh I love them bothhh *V*!

      But too bad I don't like the new body sculp, and I'ld like my next doll to be a mini ;__; ♥
    14. Is there pictures of the body nude?
    15. I think the 2008 new resin is the yellow-er one that matches their Happy and Sweet lines.
      From the announcement on the site: "We would like to announce that D.I.M Love resin color is changing to the same color of D.I.M Happy & Sweet,Honey color. The new resin color is bright yellow(White yellow)". Because when I was asking Dennis a bunch of questions, he told me that what they had in stock now was the old stuff, and they'd start using the new color for next year. So I guess these are early releases of the new color?
    16. Gah! They are both so cute! :fangirl:

      Since I don't collect vampire dolls or elves I prefer Edmon. :aheartbea (Though I don't think he displaces my love of Lloyd.)
    17. Wah! I wished I had never clicked on that link. Galahad is gorgeous. He's the first vampire boy I've liked. I even love his faceup. So close to Xmas and I told myself no charging my credit cards. I also want the outfit.

    18. Yeah, I feel the same way, but I did break down and buy 2 unidolls regardless of that fact. I just liked the sculpts too much. However, white skin is synonmous with vampires so it is a bit disappointing.
    19. I love Edmon- he's going on my wishlist, even though it'll be awhile before I can afford him. :aheartbea I love DIM's dolls!
    20. Hi ^^ the new normal skin of DIM is rather closed to white.
      I just want you guys know about it.

      And yes, the new resin is exactly same as other lines(Happy, Sweet, Honey)

      They are already in stock but need time to assemble and face up.

      Thank you for all your kindness and lovely words ~