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DiM Love girls!! Bellose & Kassia

Sep 22, 2008

    1. ooooh love them both. Especially Kassia. Where is that money tree???
    2. It's wonderful to see some non-limited edition vampires! Either one would make a great consort for DIM Galahad and a mom for Benetia!
    3. I was thinking that as well... I think I may be bordering on a whole family of vamps. >.<
    4. Oh my, I love both of them. I have already decided to get one for Christmas. Now just to pick which one. I wish I could afford to do it before Sept. 30th to get the free shipping from you, youstolemysoul.
    5. These little vampire girls are so pretty. So gentle and looking so sad. I think I might get Bellose sometime in the future. Maybe next year since they're not limited and I just ordered the last doll of this year for me. :lol:
    6. Ooooohhhhh, I looove Kassia! She has such a lovelly face, and especially beautiful lips. *o* Oh, I want her!! *adds to wishlist...*
    7. They are both so sweet looking, and different. The eye shapes are both lovely.
    8. I lovelovelove Bellose ;3; <3
    9. i love them both so much! they look so beautiful, lucky they're not limited version so i have the chance to get them both in the future. I love both vampire girls and i want to pick one of them to go with DIM Galahad when i order them. x3
    10. I really love Bellose. She's so cute!
      But her lips seem to be a bit...I dunno. Too pouty?
      Ot maybe its just me. :sweat
    11. For me, the lips are the best part.
    12. I'm in HEAVEN!!! Bellosse is possibly the most lovely doll I've EVER seen. I love them both...and that body looks incredible!

    13. I'm just like *Meee*, I find both of them so lovely !
      I think my galahad will have a partner when I find the money... (next year?:sweat)
    14. I love Kassia! She will be mine, hopefully for christmas. I love all of DIMs dolls, I can't believe I don't have one yet.
    15. Kassia is definitely my Christmas girl. I think I am going to order her from Denver doll. I really like thier service.
    16. I love Kassia *______*
    17. I love Bellosse and she just may be the first bjd I buy...(well buy next year some time...I don't have any free money cuz I'm in art school)
    18. I want Kassia so badly, I love her eye shape and those sweet little fangs. I agree with the-sinister, I think Bellose's lips are just a tiny bit too pouty, it looks like it would be difficult to display other emotions in photographing her.
    19. Bellosse might just be my first doll. I just love her facial expression.