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DIM Marigold and wiring

Oct 2, 2006

    1. I just received my Marigold, and she is just darling. But she is very kicky, her legs keep wanting to curl up. I bought some lightweight jewlery wire that I used in RoxyLucy's legs to keep them straight, would this work for Marigold, or what type of wire would be best?
      Her face is adorable, but she has no eyelashes-it gives her a very stary look. Is it hard to apply eyelashes? Do I have to take the eyes out first? As for sizing, she fits into Bitty Bethany clothes and 14inch Tonner Betsy Mccall shoes perfectly. Yay, finally a wardrobe I don't have to buy! She has the very cute blonde wig just like in the picture,so outside of the wiring and eyelashes, this one is pretty darn cute!
      Oh, and my little Orient Doll arrived today too! Little So Ji, she is so cute! She makes a great companion to Yam, and I am hoping she can wear the same clothes. Pictures to come!
    2. congrats sweetie
      cant wait to see them
      1 job I hate ...eyelashes , it is better to take the eyes out , so good luck
    3. Oh congrats! I'd sure love to see owner pics!!
      You might try pipe cleaners... I did that with my Banji v. 1 legs and it worked nicely, though I guess she's quite a bit smaller than Marigold would be.
      Jewelry wire sounds a bit fine for a YoSD sized dolly.

      Try sanding the inside of the knee sockets? Sometimes I find that certain dolls' joints don't have enough surface contact with each other, ball-to-socket. Moleskin can help, suedeing, or sanding too.

      Good eye placement is the quickest remedy for "staring eye syndrome". Move the eyes slightly to the side and/or slightly looking upward. Just slightly!! You'll be amazed at what that can do for a doll that in its default state is 0.0

    4. Dear toydogz4,
      Hello..I am denny of D.I.M doll and I am in charge of this company.
      I just read your article and want to know detailed about the kicky legs.
      We had problem with Odelia and Marianne, but I am sure we have no problem with Marigold and Eileen. I am pretty sure about it.
      And..the DIM Sweet stands very well. poses well.
      If your doll Marigold has problem with kicky leg ? I am so curious why?
      Could you send photos of your marigold to me ?
      nescot@paran.com I am off until 8th.Oct but I am sure I can check your e-mail at home.
      The Marigold & Eileen's design is just very fine to stand. No kicky.
      I want to check out things. Send me phtos please and I would like to see.
      Thank you

    5. I will send pictures of her out to you tomorrow. Her legs just curl up, it seems the knees won't stay in position and she just folds up. I haven't wired her yet, I haven't had time, so will get pictures out to you in the morning when I return from work. Thank you very much for your concern.
    6. Thank you very much.
      Yes...I can reply you tomorrow. Today is ...like Thanksgiving day in USA.
      SO....all family is gethering.

      Anyway, please explain me...how curl up the legs are...both legs ?
      And have you tried stand her ? Is she standing ok ?
      Do you thing the wire is too tight ? I need more information too.
    7. heh, yanno, i've been having pretty much the same thing with my DIM Eileen. She's cute as a button and I love her to bits and then some, and she stands well, with mine I just think it's that her stringing is super tight, so it takes a touch of patience to get her there! I plan on sueding her (once I learn how!), and probably re-stringing her too.

      Congrats on your Marigold, toydogz4!
    8. Just go to here to see if anyone else had this issue. I have had a marigold for I while but been packed away due to move. I got her out today. Same issue. Her knees buckle. She came with lashes from the person I bought her from, makes her look older. I'm going to try to get her photographed and she is so pretty. :). Did anyone have success with wiring her?