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DiM Memory boys - Byron and Robel

Sep 2, 2007

    1. theyare vary pretty dolls. But something truns me off to Robel I just don't know what it is he is love still . Byron on the other hand Im in love with,if i was not saving for Bee-A and Too I would get him right now!
    2. I hope they add some girls to the line. I love their sculpts and wouldn't mind adding another to my collection if it was more affordable.
    3. I like them. :) I think they look as good as the rest of their dolls. :D

      I can't wait to see the first owner pictures!

    4. That price is... amazing. Also, Rodel is cute. I just wish he had a different face-up that made him look less, um, drugged. His face structure is great, though.
    5. Robel's mouth XD!!!

      With that mouth he could be related to my Luna, hahah

    6. Aww, I like them!
      I swear though,
      whenever new SD dolls come out~
      they remind me of older versions of the msd dolls.

      I'd totally get Robel,
      just because he is so interesting looking!
      (Also why I want a Lloyd xD )
      The eye shapes on both of them are really nice <3

      DIM has most of my favorite dolls,
      and one of the few companies that I actually like a majority of the male dolls x3
    7. Oh Robel!! I love those curvy lips and those adorable little teeth!!! But Byron's got those cute pouty lips. They're both so cute <333 Still I think I like Robel more. I so rarely see an open mouth that I like, especially one with teeth.

      EDIT: By the way I couldn't load the links so I had to have a friend send me the images... and then I forgot to ask what the pricing was. Can anyone tell me?
    8. I'm just curious, but what's the difference between this new "Memory" line and the "Love" line? They all seem to be about the same height.
    9. Wow, that is quite a price reduction. Do I sense a new trend in moving production to China?
    10. I think the reason they are so much cheaper, is because the resin is a completely new color.

      Ah. I'm glad I don't really like either of them. :)
    11. Oooohhhh. The dolls are made in China now?

      Thats interesting. So thats why they are cheaper. :o
    12. Seeing the price I am curious about quality, somebody buy one so we can see LOL.
    13. Byron is so cute!! I love his lips! It's such a major price reduction....I might have to buy one of these newer boys...I adore DiM....I love my little Sergei and I can't wait for my minimee...<3
    14. Most other dolls made in China right now don't suffer any in quality. They're usually "middle of the road" in terms of resin quality, etc, and require a little "fixing up" before they're quite right. (I know AA and DZ both need to have their eyewells sanded usually, they're quite thick. Looks like it's the same for the Memory line.)

      I really like them. X3 Ooo. They have such chubbily cheeks, I just want to squeeze them.
    15. Love line is a the standard, made in korea line from DIM; Memory are their more affordable range; they are made in china but assembled in Korea as I understand it by the DIM team. They've been planning the budget memory line for around a year now I think?
    16. Well let's hope this new line is less "Pepto Bismol" in coloring, haha. They're both handsome enough boys. I hope they take their time in introducing a girl, so I can save up! ^_~

    17. They are both adorable- and they remind me of mini versions of soom namu- i think it's the lips and nose^^
    18. omg Robel is so sexy /dies
    19. Oh God I'm luving Robel! :D
      His mouth makes him so unique XD