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DIM Memory line

Sep 2, 2007

    1. got this in an email, it's all up on the site:

      We are pleased to announce that D.I.M Memory line is now on board at D.I.M

      Please welcome "Byron & Robel"

      D.I.M Memory line is produced in China and assembled & packaged in Korea.
      As we reduced some expenses by producing in China, we are able to introduce more affordable BJD to our customers.

      Delivery : 7 weeks after payment

      For Default face up (Add 14days more)

      *Please note that the resin color is different from other D.I.M lines.
      (SAME color with current D.I.M minimee)

      *D.I.M Memory line does not match with D.I.M other lines except D.I.M Minimee



      Thank you very much.


      edit: Discussion Thread Here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=162358