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DIM minimee body event

Nov 6, 2007

    1. Not sure if anyone post this yet..


      [Body event]

      If you order this minimee body in the event period, you will get the J.D head(Normal skin only) for free.
      Blank Picture will be updated soon.

      Event Period : 6th.Nov to 20th.Nov

      Delivery : 6 weeks after payment(Late.December)


      I wonder what's the J.D head. Jeremy dreaming, I guess? LOL
    2. I'm pretty sure it's a Johnny Depp head.
    3. Earlier into the event (around when it first started for this round) the wording was 'modeled after main lead in Pirates of the Caribbean J.D. head' or something as such. So yes, it's Johnny Depp. ^^