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DiM MiniMee Body - Why do people swap them out?

Feb 29, 2008

    1. Hellos!

      I hope that I am posting this in the right place, and if I'm not, then I'd be most greatful if I could be re-directed to the right location. ^^

      Anywho, I've been considering getting a minimee body, and thus did a fair search of research. However, I couldn't help but notice that a lot of people were getting other bodies for their minimee heads. They asked for resin matches and fair prices.

      Why is this? The minimee bodies resin will be more likely to match the resin of the minimee heads than say, another company. They are also reasonably priced at the moment, and you could save on shipping by getting both the body and head together. Their sculpts seem also very nice too.

      Do people select bodies from other companies due to personal preferences (sculpt, toros joint, etc)? Or are their mechanical issues with the minimee bodies that I'm not aware of? I heard that their posing was stubborn at times... Or is there something about the resin quality?

      So my question in short is--for those of you who chose bodies from other companies--what is it about the minimee bodies that you did not like? Sculpt? Posing? Resin?

      I'm still leaning towards the minimee body, but if there really is something that I should be aware of, then I might rethink my choice.

      Thank you for your time!
    2. I can't answer for the minimee body specifically--however, as someone who has ended up with a number of hybrid dolls I will say this: For me, having a body that looks right for the character is really important and sometimes the body that is supposed to go with a specific head just doesn't match what I have in mind for that particular character.

      By allowing myself to choose from lots of different body and head combinations, I'm more likely to get the doll that's perfect for what I want. So, sometimes it isn't that there's anything wrong with a body, it's just a matter of finding the right over all look.

      I actually did consider a minimee body for one of my heads, but decided against it when I saw one that was more fitting. I'd also be curious to here people's reviews of the body--it's always nice to know what options are out there for floating heads :)
    3. I got a minimee body with JD head. I was really interested in the head (huge Johnny Depp fan) but thought what a good price on the body. But I too have move on to another. I wanted him to be as big as my Dollzone 60cm girl. He is suppose to be 61cm. The body was about an inch shorter at the shoulders. Also he stands with his chest sticking out...will not sit and look natural, kinda spastic. Also I really thought the head was a wee bit to big for it. Personal preference, like Taco said.
      But one thing i will say, Dim bodies are VERY nice sculpts. My daughter has a Dim girl that is so sweet.
      I gave the minimee body to my daughters boy friend, and he has fixed the issue with the way he stands by sanding it in certain areas. So it can be fixed.
      I would like to know if other people had the same problem with there bodies.
    4. Thanks for the help so far everyone ^^

      Moonwatcher: When you mentioned that your minimee was an inch shorter at the shoulders... Does that mean that he is about 60cm tall including the head?

      I think some people glued the wrist joints to the hands but... After seeing close-ups of the minimee bodies, wouldn't this create complications during restringing? I can't say for certain, but that's what the pictures sort of showed.
    5. I put my heads on a dollzone 70 body because my heads were too large for a 60cm body (in the beginning of the minimee project there were some problems with sizing) and bought a minimee body for the dollzone head last year, so now I have an XL minimee and a SD-Yuu:)

      Overall I'm very happy with both the heads and the body. The sculpts are very nice and the body stands well too.
      It also moves very smoothly, without creaking.
      The normal pose of the minimee body (chest forward) really fits the character I had in mind for this boy .
      I have to agree with Moonwatcher that sitting is a problem with this body though, mainly because the "cup" of the hipjoint is quite deep at the front.( I hope this makes sense)
      This means that the legs can't be bent to a 90 degree angle with the body without being pulled back by the elastic.
      Maybe this is easy to fix by modding the joint but I'm not an expert on that.

      As for glueing the wrist joints to the hands, it would complicate stringing since the hooks are in the hand parts but this can easily be solved by attaching a loop of wire or strong string to the hook before glueing the joint in place.
      ( I haven't done this because I also have a pair of optional hands for this body which I like to change sometimes and the body only comes with one set of joints)

      My boy is 61 cm tall, but the yuu head is ment for a 70cm body so it's probably larger than average.
      I hope this info helps you choose a body for your boy;)
    6. Hmm, a smoothly-moving body would be a nice thing. My Soom Godo creaks a lot in the wrists, though that's probably because of the way he's strung.

      Anywho, I don't know if the sticking-forward chest fits the character I have in mind... He has a tendancy to slouch forward instead ^^

      Thanks once again for all of the helpful input so far. This really is helping me get closer to finding the right body.
    7. I bought two Minimee bodies for the same reasons you listed - guaranteed resin match, free head, low low price. But I ended up being very dissatisfied with them, and have since replaced them with other bodies. My reasons are mostly personal aesthetics - for one thing, I have never seen a Minimee head that is in proportion with the Minimee bodies. They always look a bit bobble-headed. Also, the sculpt isn't fantastic... depending, I suppose, on how much detail you're used to. To me, the hands and feet are a bit crude, and the abs look drawn on. As for functional problems, that super-arched back is a lot of trouble. It'll snap back into that position no matter what you do, often causing the headcap to fling off and peg the nearest innocent bystander. :XD:
    8. I feel the same way actually. :sweat

    9. Has anyone tried a Fantasy Doll body for their Minimee head?? I just got my Daigo Minimee yesterday and he is very pale normal skin like my Hypermaniac Gyedo, but Gyedo said "NO" to sharing, and my Dollshe Hound said "HELL NO", even my Domuya Zen said to me "Don't even think about it". Well at least just looking at the pics from their website, it might match, but I have yet to see it in person. I am tempted to buy one since I don't want my Daigo to be too muscle type.
    10. I recently got a minimee body and while there is alot I like about it, there is a few things that really annoy me
      like very limited head movement, I like a doll to be able to move its head up and down, not just side to side, I'm wondering if sanding the neck a bit thiner might help this, has anyone tried this ?
      Also the leg movement is not great either and the arched back can be annoying

      If anyone has done mods on this body I would be really interested, I plan on keeping the body, but would really like to get it to work better if anyone can help
    11. I have to agree that I have never seen a head that looked right on the Minimee body. And I actually like the looks of the body. But the problems everyone is posting about posing it scare me a little bit.
    12. I got a Russell Crowe head and it's a perfect size for the minimee, the newer heads are coming in a lot smaller I think. The JD head looked silly on the minimee body. It was better on a 70cm body.
    13. When I got my first male Minimee, the Minimee body was not yet available on the market so I had to find it a body. I settled on an Iplehouse which worked pretty well and is a fairly close though not perfect resin match.
      For my second male Minimee, the person was Joey Ramone. Joey was known for his extreme height and therefore just slapping the head on a standard size body would have looked all wrong. Fortunately the white Mecha Angel Soom body works quite well with my white Minimee head, so Joey is the proper height. It may need the neck shortened down a bit is all (and looks OK without doing that too, given how Joey looked in real life).
      My third and fourth Minimees are on order and they are female. There is no body for them available from Minimee as of yet, so it's off to hunt one down, again.
    14. The minimee body has some trouble holding certain positions. For example, when he leans forward, there is a huge gap between the torso parts. I'm keeping mine and modding it to be as poseable as my other dolls. I know I've heard a lot of other people who own with the same posing complaints, so some people probably swap them out for this reason.
    15. Posing- hot glue suede and a tight restringing fixed this, although he does like to snap backwards if I dont sit him right

      head movement- a luts neck donut solves this as well, much more mobility due to the fact the s hook is no longer putting the tension directly on the head.

      For me the body hasn't posed any problems my other more expensive bodies have. For the record tho the fdoll body is a great buy for the money (if you like skinny average height boys) it has nice resin and is light. My minimee body feels like it weighs a ton. I use it for my MD Ryu head which fits perfectly IMO.
    16. I recently ordered a DIM body for my DIM heads after having one hell of a time looking for bodies that would match the resin.
      I was going to buy a 70cm dollmoremodel body because people were saying it matched the DIM resin, but a friend ordered that body and when she got it in a few weeks ago, she said it does NOT match the resin and showed pictures to prove it.

      After that i was fed up and broke down and bought the DIM body for now. It is cheap and the resin should match so that is all im worried about right now, though i would have preferred a 70cm body.

      After reading this thread I am a little scared for when the body arrives. I did know about the back arcing problems before hand, and i did notice that some of the DIM heads looked too big for the body. I just hope the newer DIM heads will look better because they are smaller. I might end up modding the body and probably sanding some of the muscles down.
    17. great ? because i too was wondering why i see so many dim bodies in the marketplace.

      and I love it for one reason alone - chest and abs!! that's right..i said it.

      now if only someone would be kind enough to post a unidoll head on one so I can finally rest in pieces....
    18. I personally like Snr delf girl bodies for female minimees, my female minimee is on one the match is good for NS and I'm happy with it :)

      I have a male minimee body and yes it's the back problem that annoys me too, and the hand and foot hooks are very weak! They are not like lets say luts or SOOM where they have S hook but are normal hooks actually glued into the hand and foot parts. Left hand and foot broke off recently while I was restringing 0_o I asked DIM and they said its a common problem and I just need to buy new parts or they would send me new hook so I can drill (?) a hole and glue them back in. I have no dremmel so I asked to buy the new parts, they ended up giving me them for free but I'm sure next time I will have to pay. So a note it seems they are quite fragile...

      But I personally love the chest and back sculpt with it's big butt :XD:
    19. like some people have said, the body looks a bit crude- it didn't pose well and I had a hard time getting the head to look right on it (AiL)- though the minimee head it came with-cloud- actually looked ok on it. It isn't aesthetically pleasing either, i got rid of it within days of getting it.
    20. I had a try at some stuff with my WS Minimee body
      I took him apart, sanded all his big seams and sanded the neck a teenie bit
      borrowed a luts neck donut and used medical tape stuff in the annoying back bit

      Its all helped alot, the tape keeps his back straighter, his head has more movement too