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DIM Minimee Sculpt list?

Jan 16, 2012

    1. Is there a listing or does anyone know all the sculpts because I know they're not in the Wiki yet.

      I know of:
      Cloud Strife
      You Kurosaki
      Jake Sully
      Elvis Presley
    2. I've seen a David Bowie, Kate Blanche and a Johnny Depp.... I think.
    3. I've seen:
      Jensen Ackles
      Lady Gaga
      Gwen Stefani

      There are bound to be others, since people are custom ordering them all the time though. ^^;;
    4. I know there was a Creepy-chan (Alison something-or-other i forget her name) Gerard Way and Bill Kaulitz I'm also pretty sure there was a Squall Leonheart
    5. I have an Edward Elric minimee from Fullmetal Alchemist, and then I've seen ones for Chii (and maybe Freya) from Chobits, and then there are a lot from the Black Butler anime.
    6. It seems like this was done through their "memory" page? Is this now done through email or how?
    7. Thanks, very informative, there are so many!
    8. There's also been
      at least 2 Cloud Strife
      least 2 Sephiroth
      the 3 guys from Advent Children
      Sora (2)
      Squall Leonhart
      Audrey Hepburn
      Orlando Bloom
      Viggo Mortenson
      Alucard (anime and Castelvania)
      Britney Spears
      Several Dir en Grey sculpts
      .... That's all I got off the top of my head. ;)
    9. I'm personally aware of:
      Leon from RE4
      Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo from Advent Children
      Two variants of Reno from Advent Children
      Axel from KHII

    10. There's also Jeremy Brett (the Granada series Sherlock Holmes). : )
    11. There's also Gackt and Mana. And I've seen a Chachamaru, not here but from an offsite faceup artist's portfolio. I think there's also Lelouch (Code Geass) here and maybe a Kamui (X/Tsubasa), I remember seeing a thread asking for interest in making one a long while back, not sure if it went through.
    12. I got a Zachary Quinto (as Spock, with pointed ears) and one done after my own design. Also, a Raziel from "Legacy of Kain" (before his transformation or whatever it's called).
    13. Are group orders placed for these thru the marketplace? I can't view it yet (ahhh 2 posts left lol).
    14. Sadly, DIM closed the Minimee service last fall, and there is no word on if and when they'll start it again. Some of the group orders are being switched over to Nobility or Angelsdoll.
    15. Oh that's right! I'd completely forgotten about that!

      One should note that there is a very big difference between Nobility Doll and Angelsdoll custom head services. Nobility is like DIM, and sculpts the heads in clay, and Angelsdoll heads are made with 3D rendering on a computer.
    16. I've got a Trent Reznor Minimee I bought for modding and I hadn't seen his name yet so I'm throwing it in the list too.
    17. Some more I know of

      Nathan Fillion
      Summer Glau
      Nero from Devil May Cry
      Cate Blanchett
      Tilda Swinton
      Michael Jackson
      Kristen Stewart
      Robert Pattinson
      Taylor Lautner
      Audrey Hepbrurn (MSD sized, I think)
      Lady Gaga
      CreepyChan from America's Next Top Model (I forget her real name)
      Fran from one of the Final Fantasy's
      Pan from Pan's Labyrinth

      You may also want to search minimee in the doll marketplaces to see what is curretnly selling
    18. Helena Bonham Carter
      Hide (at least 2 versions)
      Death, from The Sandman
      Karl Urban
      Takeshi Kaneshiro (2 versions)
      Brad Pitt (at least 2 versions)
      Tom Cruise as vampire
      Sam Worthington
      Natasha Kinski
    19. Ones I've seen in person;

      Johnny Depp
      Alan Rickman