ReRelease DIM Minimee service is reopen.

Jun 19, 2018

    1. Thank you for your love and support on DIM Doll.

      The Minimee service is back for customers who want to have their unique doll.

      [Minimee service]

      Sculpting price : 1400$ (it includes 2 heads and certificate)

      [Price includes : 3D Printing fee 300$ / Molding fee 250-300$ / 2 casted doll head of the model]

      The best way to reduce the cost of each private commission is to have a group order to share the cost.

      Cancellation : Cancellation is not accepted once the work is on proceed.(If cancellation is requested, the deposit will not

      be refunded)

      Deposit : 50%(You need to pay it in advance to proceed your order)

      Balance : 50%(Once you are ok with the 3D digital image of your doll)

      paypal to pay : [email protected]

      You can either pay it all at once or individual payment is also accepted.(in this case, please write the order number)

      Skin : Normal / White

      [Rule to order]

      1. Send photos of characters to [email protected] and choose 1 Main Expression photo among the photos.

      2, Choose SD or MSD size for doll head and choose Realistic(More than 80% likeness) or Styled(Less realistic)

      3. additional head cost : 60$ per head (Made in Korea)

      it is limited and cant be produced without the owner's permission.

      4. Send payment by paypal manually to [email protected] after having discussed with us.

      If there is additional copy, the shipping cost will be different and we can ship individually in case of a group order.

      5. We send you 3D digital image within 30days(it can be faster or slower, but we will always be replying within 24 hours)

      6. After checking the image, you can either ask us to modify or confirm to proceed the next step.

      Printing Process would take 2 weeks depends on the service company's schedule.

      Production will take about 30 days(It can be faster or slower)

      7. We do not guarantee 100% likeness, it will be 80-90% likeness in case of commercial licensed images.

      (EX> Painting portrait, Characterize it into a doll)

      8. Our service is individually given to private customer.

      9. If there is customers requesting same kind of work with main expression, first to come first served and but the other can ask with different expression.

      This example of the doll head is not final, just show how we proceed the work.

      Of course, the final stage we will seperate the head and the headcap.

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