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Dim Minimee Update & Talk Part 1

Dec 26, 2006

    1. [Update on 11th December 2008]

      New Rule : Minimee heads are limited only 10pcs(regardless of open eyes and closed eyes including any chagned version)
      For example - If there is a minimee based on a person already, then the remaining quantity will be 8 pcs total.

      For own character or minimee based on yourself or your family,
      They are all free for recasting with your own copyright.

      This new rule is effected from 11th.December

      To check the available quatity, please write a question with name and a picture
      so that I can check it out for you.

      [Update on 14th.November]

      Please note that all the minimee orders are made based on pictures or drawings not a previously made sculpt.

      We want to clear about this.
      Sometimes, each minimee heads can be very similiar looking when customers use the same pictures.
      But do not misunderstand that the minimee was based on someone's minimee.

      At the moment, due to the long queue of waiting list for make up, we cannot take make up option.

      MINIMEE Heads

      Delivery : 60 days after getting your photos & Payment.

      Customer make up : Due to a long queue of minimee make up, we can't take the order for it this year.

      *For Celebrity(Including Animation character) : ADD : Extra cost 50$(Maximum 80%)


      There is no way to cancel the minimee order once it's being progressed.

      Dear Customer,

      If you are interested in ordering a celebrity BJD.

      I cannot guarantee the over 80% resemblance.
      And I don't want to take very sophisticated requests on minimee.

      For example, Make the eyes like this photo, the lip is for this photo etc on.
      I am very sure that the customer, who reqests much, can be disappointed at the end becuase their expectation is too high.

      we can make minimee like maximum 80% or less resemblance, but We can't do the same as photos.
      We do make minimee in that price range(380$ to 430$). So if your expectation is too high, that should go over a thousand dollar.

      In addition, Please do not send many photos of different look.
      We only need several front(Including close-up), both sides(45 degree) photos only.

      If you are sending me various photos, please select one main reference photo for your minimee to be looked like.

      Thank you very much.


      1. We now only make SD sized head

      2. Payment to nescot@naver.com (By paypal)

      3. send photos to nescot@paran.com with your name that used in this site for ordering.

      4. You will get two same heads. (No discount is available for one head)

      5. We will send you preview photos Modification can be done based on the minimee and it will cost you extra money(it depends on how many points you want to modify / Normally 50$ for small changes)

      6. Custom make up option : 60$ / you need to send me the reference photo of dolls for your minimee(Not human's make up)


      Q]When can I order ?
      =>You can either order one through DIM ebay shop or DIMDOLL.com(the official site)

      Q]What size heads are available?
      =>We now only make SD sized head

      Q]How much is it ?
      =>- 380$ for two same heads(exactly same cast) and you can't divide the price.
      - the price is same on Love(SD) & Happy(MSD)
      - it's promotional price and it will be a little raised in the future
      - the EMS cost is not included.
      - Additional head order : 70$ per head

      Q]Is faceup included in the cost? Will it cost extra?
      =>Nothing is included.
      For Custom make up : 60$(need specific dolls' photo for reference, not human beings' photos)

      Q]What bodies will match the resin of the heads?
      =>At this time, we are using D.I.M Bodies for minimee.

      Q]What skin colors are available?
      => Normal or white

      Q]Can we send in drawings to be made into heads?
      => Yes, it's possible but the drawings much be done detaily.

      Q]Can we send in celebrity photos to be made into heads?
      =>Yes, it's possible but it will be maximum 80% resemblance.

      Q]How long do I have to wait to get the casted BJD ?
      =>about 60 days. If you add a face up : + 15days

      Q]BJD styled Minimee : 50% resemblance
      Reslistic Minimee : Maximum 80%

      Q]When do you think the body will be available ?
      =>in few months. The body will be for Minimee and the price will be resonable.

      Q]What eyes can I use ?
      =>For SD : 12mm to 16mm(depends on the minimee)
      but please note that this is individual order, so there can be a different from what I explained. But Normally you can use that size of eyes.

      [Please read this before ordering]

      1. I would like to add some comments regarding the minimee.
      Please note that each minimee can have a little flawes.
      as you perhaps know, one sculpt takes many days enormous efforts before producing. this is the thing that we normally see manufacturers' doll.
      However, this minimee can't be done like the normal BJD production.
      that means we need to make it faster than normal.
      so there can be little flaws on head like tiny spot or something.
      I am sure this kinds of things can be covered with make up and a wig.

      2. Modification
      I prefer not to have requests on modification.
      Because the works will be much harder finally. That means I should raise the price.
      The nomal price was used to be around 600$ and at that time I offered modification.
      However, the 380$, if I take modification a lot, I am afraid I can't keep this project any more becuase of the heavy work.
      Therefore, I will do modification service with some extra cost.
      (It depends on the minimee and requirment of minimee)

      Why I start this project ? Because I am very happy when people enjoy and laugh. that is the main reason.
      We have several sculptors who are working on this projects but can't tell you the names.
      Very talented sculptors are working with me at the moment.
      so to keep this project working, I need to take monthly orders for the sculptors.
      (I would be very greatful if you can let people know about this project in your country ^^)

      [Minimee database]


    2. Haha, it's a really cute idea! I'd be annoyed seeing myself as a little minime, though.. and a little scared that my siblings might torture it ;_;
    3. Interesting idea...imagine how you could dress it in all the things you can't wear yourself o.O
    4. I'd do it. >:3
    5. If I could manage to save my money, I would do it! It would be amusing to have a little version of me around the house! >D
    6. I think it's a great idea. I would love to do that for my daughter.
    7. It sounds like a great idea! I know I would be interested! :D
    8. I already do that for my doll. Its a physical representation of my true self...just the way Volks likes it.

      Of course, my final opinion would depend on the final product. Is it high quality? How do the headmolds look? How are your faceups? How is your customer service going to be?
    9. I wouldn't get one, but the idea is awesome. At least they would look a lot prettier than the american girl dolls XP. I think a lot of people would love to have them of certain characters from books/anime/movies/musical groups XD.

      So you are pretty much going to make individual sculpts for each person? Sounds pricey teehee. Would you be following a gneeral mold and picking out specific features? Or would you try to sculpt the doll to be as accurate to how the person is like little figurines?
    10. I think it's a really neat idea!
    11. I'd consider doing it, depending on the price. It sounds like it would be awesome.
    12. Very interesting. That would be a cool idea.
    13. I would also consider~ It depends on the price though. Very interesting idea! ♥
    14. I'd be interested in it (though not me! I know I am not...uh... well, I see myself enough as-is). Quality, style, and price are the most important thing though....

      hmmm...to heck with me.... I'd be interested in makin' a Jpop-inspired doll if such a thing could be done.
    15. How realistic would they be? Would they look odd next to other BJDs, who are mostly rather stylized?
    16. If the price was good I would definately make a pair of twins of me and my sister to give to my mother!
    17. In fact, the works will be so hard...I know.
      Pricing.....I don't know yet....but trying not to put too high price on this.

      You know, the BJD Minimee would be this.
      With detailed photos(need at least 10 photos, from front to Side)
      And start making sculpt of your wishes face.(Let's put your face).

      So....every orders should be the one original sculping. (I know this is hard working ^^)
      But....with peoples' opinion, if there are good reaction, I'll try.
      Perhaps, I can start with launching event for very limited numbers with special price.
      And when it's done, people can see how the quality is and how the doll look like.....comparing with custom orders.

      Anyway, it seem to me that.....there are certain interesting...

      Of course, because of its BJD, your twin BJD Doll would look better.
      Because...the eyes...^^ make up would look better.

      This is planning step. and want to hear more......^^
    18. What price you would suggest ?

      *45cm high body(BJD)
      *Default Clothes
      *Your faced head with make up

      Making period : at least 50days per each sculpt.

      Let me hear....what price would make you order...your Minimee ?
    19. it's depends on how you look like...
      I guest it will be realistic head because the scult is made based on your photos.
      Making styles ...it's for Clothes, wig...make up....with these....you can make good style.
    20. Sounds interesting, wouldn't want my face on a doll..and I don't have a Significant other...but its interesting.
      too bad copyright laws and such are a hassle..would love to have one sculpted like Johnny Depp.:aheartbea