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DIM new happy girls

Dec 11, 2007

      QUESTION: does she have fangs? or am I just seeing things? also did you improve the body since Odelia release? I read so many things about it having standing and other issues. Also I notice her thumb sticks out quite a bit will clothng still go on easily? Is it possible to order minor changes to the makeup?
      Question: is this the body she will come with ? or will she come with a younger body? she seems to be a younger child.
      Will you be selling the outfit? Is she limited? Will you sell the heads without the bodies separately in the future?

    2. Hi, Yes it has fangs ^^
      Re : Body
      The modified body was done from Elena ^^ it stands fine ~
      About the hands, I never heard about any problem ^^
      We put the sphere on wrist and ankels from Elena but the shape of the hands are same.

      Re : Make up
      Sorry we only do the default make up.

      Re : Body
      This is the body ^^ the shape of this body isn't very much different from the old one. It is just modified one.

      Re : Outfit
      Sorry, we do not sell those outfit


    3. Thanks Denny
      So more changes have been done since Elenas improved body? ones that are new for Benetia

      But you are saying the body line is the same such as the bust size? just to confirm.

      QUESTION: how long will she be for sale? I see the boys are sold out or is that just tempory?
      also is it possible to see a nude picture so we can see how this head looks on its body? I know a few people will want to see that.

      And I see they have two cute square little teeth in there too!

    4. This body is same as Elenas'

      And I am not sure how long these dolls can be sold, it will be gone when there are enough orders ^^

      The boy body is not available until Spring,2008 I think.

      So cannot show them together, sorry.

    5. Is it possible to see a nude picture of the new head on the girls body it comes with? I know a few people want to see to get a better idea how it will look with this younger head.

      so enough orders means hundreds? months ? just to get a better feeling.
    6. Hi. will the heads be sold sepratly at any point? lovley girl.
    7. Question: has the resin color of Dim changed since September? thank you!
    8. any chance of making these in white? I would love a half-eyed girl in ws.
    9. hi ^^ Head is not sold seperately.

      Re : Nude photo, Sorry, it's not possible now ^^* sorry

      Re : New resin color is done from thie model for Happy girls ^^
      (It's still pinkish color, but much less =it's same color as DIM happy, Honey, Sweet use)

      Re : White Skin
      Sorry, we don't have a plan for it yet.

      Thank you ~

    10. Hi,
      Would you be making human version without fangs or elf ears in the future?