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DIM reliability? Anyone?

Oct 5, 2006

    1. Yeah, just asking if anyone has bought from Doll In Mind or if you have any comments about them.

      It'd be much appericated since I totally and completly had love at first sight of R-ASIAM. ^^ (@_@ love...) Thank you.
    2. I've got DIM Persia ... the company is wonderful to work with. Denny is gracious, helpful, patient. In all my dealings, I have been extremely well-pleased!

    3. just want to second everything FairEmma said. Lovely company to deal with. I got my doll BEFORE i was expecting her. In fact, a full two weeks before I expected her.
    4. I had a great experience buying from DIM for my first doll. They shipped quickly and responded to my questions right away.
    5. I just received my DIM Marigold and they are a wonderful company. Prompt, great service! :D
    6. ^^ Thanks everyone! It's awesome to know that i probably wont get ripped off! I can't wait to order mine now!