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DIM: The Rerurn of Odelia and Marianne!

Dec 30, 2007

    1. I just saw an announcement on their site,

      " Dear Customers,
      We wish you had a wonderful Christmas in 2007.
      Since those two Happy girls have been discontinued for more than 1 and half year. But we have received many requests about those models released in the future. Now, we are releasing Odelia & Marianne with their Half closed eyes models. So it will be 4 models total. The preorder will be started from Mid. Jan. And there will be more happy models are scheduled to be relased in Jan. Thank you very much for your support and love on DIM doll.
      Wishing you had a great Holiday !
      D.I.M Family "

    2. Will these releases be limited, or will they be available for some time?
    3. They are not limited but those models can be sold out soon and once they are sold out, we have no plan to reproduce them soon.

      Thank you

    4. I am so sorry for the mistake.

      - Released of Mariann and Odelia

      - Half closed head(Odelia)

      - Dreaming head(marianne)


    5. [Photos updated]

      - Odelia


      - Odelia Half closed eyes




      -Marianne Sleeping eyes

    6. They are lovely! Will the clothing be available for purchase as well?
    7. Sorry for the late response ~ ^^

      The outfit is not available for sale. Sorry ^^

    8. can we just buy one of the heads?
    9. Beautiful girls Denny!
      Will the body and resin color be the same as the original release?
    10. Thank you so much ^^*

      The resin is 2008 new resin.

      So ^^ it will be different ~

      All of lines(Except Memory line & some stock) are unified with one resin color now.

      The new resin color is same as the Happy boy line ^^