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DIM USA Dealer!!

Apr 28, 2008

    1. Starting in Mid August, I will be the USA rep/dealer for DIM (Doll in Mind).
      I am currently setting up a site with prices/photos for when that time comes.
      Prices will be the same as on dimdoll.com

      I look forward to dealing with everyone here!!!

      Keep in mind, shipping in the USA will only be $10 (to cover insurance), Ill cover the rest!!!

      <3 Cait
    2. Congrats on your new rep status. However, please take a peek at these rules before you jump in:


      Dealers and company reps may not post threads in the MP for the company they are representing; you may update this thread and members should e-mail/ PM you with questions and orders. Please feel free to PM an active mod if you have any questions.

      Good luck! :)
    3. changed my info! sorry and thank you!