Diorama/Dollhouse For Your BJD

Oct 28, 2017

    1. What do you use for your bjd diorama/dollhouse? For me, I use a tv armoire for my 1/3 doll and I put some furniture in it to make it look like a bedroom. It's still a work in progress, but it looks like a dollhouse when I open it up!
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    2. That's a really nice idea!i wish I had the space for something like that, but my room is like a warehouse for art and craft materials. And toys. And dolls... :XD:
    3. Your room sounds like fun though! :)
    4. I have a spare bedroom in my house, and I built deep shelving along one wall to make permanent dioramas for the dolls. There are 9 bedrooms built, plus one pub/bar on top of the dresser in there, and a 1/3 couch for the remaining ones who don't have their own private space.
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    5. My dolls are technically small beings living in a human-sized world, so I don't have much that's their size, but I'd love to slowly build a collection of things they "make" and create a space that's theirs someday.
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